Need help with war defense

This is my first post to the forum, but I have been reading for a long time and love the help you all give one another. I’ve been wondering if you can help me with my war defense team. Overall, I’ve done well in alliance wars, but as time has gone on, I’m finding my defense line up has been failing my alliance. Can you offer suggestions about who may be a better match. When I stray away from Melendor, Khiona, Boril, Gormek and Sabina, I run into trouble and truth is I’m sure there’s a better line up in my arsenal, but I’m having trouble finding it. I ask my alliance members for help and they keep saying “find the synergy” which is the problem I’m having. Attached are my 30 strongest. I’m a strong attacker- it’s my defense that needs workHelp would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

First it’s important to note that defenses are designed to lose:
Opposing teams select who they bring, they choose which special they want to set off on the defense, they can take out specific defense heroes based on threat to their attacking team, etc.

But providing War defense is difficult because you need to know if the alliance has a strategy (matching element for tank, tanks & flanks, entire lineup).

Then each war depending on the type of war (field aid, arrow barrage, attack boost) could change up some heroes based on which assistance works best with a certain group of five heroes.

Do you use blue tanks in wars? Or whatever tank color?

EDIT: answered below.

since you don’t coordinate tanks I would personally recommend this option below:

Kingston | Magni | Ursena | Leonidas | Kelile

Ursena tanks because she’s just a monster in that spot. Give her more emblems to watch her steamroll opponents. Her damage output is very high on her initial hit.

Your flanks and wings are ordered in a way such that their skills play off each other. Kingston on left always to ensure the attack drop triggers and so that his partners can follow up to trigger it further in the same turn. Magni buffs defense which is very good to have for his flank role. Leonidas flanks so that he uses his skill earlier and his mana reduction plays a bigger role in the match.

Replace Kelile with Marjana when she’s maxed. I’d also consider shifting your Rogue emblems from Khiona to Marjana – although I prefer Khiona myself, Ursena is a much better dark hero for defense, so Marjana will eventually need them more.

You don’t need a healer in wars necessarily either. The wings are also pretty bad spots for healers too, they can be annoying to take out in field aid wars for players with small benches, but that’s about it. They don’t present an offensive threat, and often they end up alone healing… and not hurting the attacker much.

If you use another color of tanks, then we need to know that


Our alliance doesn’t coordinate tanks. Right now, I mostly use Boril as tank.

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You might want to consider reallocating your emblems to some of your better heroes. Personally, I’d take all emblems off of Sabina and assign to Ursena, as she is your strongest tank (but might depend on what color tanks your Alliance takes into war).


Ursena is the best tank in the game. Load her up with emblems, and tank ursena. Would put BK and Leo beside her. Would prefer Kingston left wing instead of evelyn but you might use Evelyn for her dispel and AOE because Magni appears to be your best blue option, would put him right wing and since he’s fighter, he would have to share emblems with Kingston which is not ideal.


That’s a good point too… Evelyn may be better than Kingston in this case so that he doesn’t take emblems from Magni (who I agree is your best blue choice right now)


Okay for putting your best lineup out there I would possibly consider the following (assuming you finish leveling these heroes):

Kingston - Ursena - Black Knight - Magni - Leonidas

But @DaveCozy knows better than me…


Might be better to switch spots with Ursena and Magni for that defense team, also it would require Black Knight to be maxed first.

Also there’s the emblem conflict between Magni and Kingston, which isn’t ideal for defense. I think there’s merit to having Evelyn over Kingston in this defense team – until a better blue hero comes along.

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You have two of the very best tanks… Black Knight and Ursena.

IMHO Ursena flanks better than BK, and BK firing first (as tank) then boosts Ursena’s output considerably - BK tank with Ursena flank is a combination I haven’t managed to beat (and as a challenge, I’ve tried!).
The issue with that combo is that you have to choose which one to stack hard for - either you stack blue for BK and then struggle to wipe Ursena before she fires; you stack yellow for Ursena and struggle to get BK out; or you go 3-2 and need an excellent board to get anywhere.

For wars where multiple attacks are on the table, I’d be tempted to encourage attackers to not stack against BK (this is to your advantage!).

I’d try running something like this: Evelyn, Ursena, BK, Khiona, Kingston

This would be really interesting - ask yourself how you’d attack it and every way is comprised.
You don’t really want to stack blues because of the two greens in the corners (if you’re backing yourself to win all out, which you should be with war flags); you don’t want to stack purple for obvious reasons even though Kage is a great off-colour BK counter - which leaves yellow and red. Yellow is risky to take against Ursena if she fires (and at flank, she’s likely to!) and red being neutral against both tank and flanks means you rely on good boards.

Yes, there’s a little bit of anti-synergy in having two beserker specials, but they’re unlikely to fire on the same turn anyway.


Thank you, yes Magni seems to be strongest Blue right now. I do have Vela, but she’s nowhere Near ready.

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Thank you, I like this idea a lot.

Thank you for the suggestion. I reset the tokens and will reallocate to Ursena now. I think part of my problem is I’m a little too old school D&D. Seemed more intuitive to beef Sabina up and put her in the back- despite understanding this game works differently if you want them to charge

This is terrible advice :joy:
Don’t run a 2-2-1 defense, ever. And Khiona doesn’t work with BK. They will be stepping on each others toes.

Oof! Omg, I forgot, Yes! Their attack bonus’ cancel each other’s.

I’ve seen plenty that work well, even run a couple myself that worked well.
I’ve even seen a couple of 3-2 that were incredibly strong, too.

IMHO it’s all a question of thinking through how I’d attack it…
If 2-2-1 with the right combination of hero’s works then I’m fine with it (I wouldn’t double on tank colour, though).

In this particular case I think it would work well - despite the potential overwrite of beserks on the RHS (obviously if a stronger beserk gets overwritten that’s annoying, but it’ll build back up… And it won’t overwritten on Ursena which is where you really wouldn’t want it to).

I just wanted to come back and thank you all for your advice. As you can see, it worked!!! My team was the only one left on the field of battle. Thank you. BK has a talent of 9 now, I took the emblems from Sabina and gave them to Ursena who is now at talent grid 8. Leo 5. Kingston now maxed too, but as was pointed out needs to share with Magni, which is not ideal. Everyone’s help, not only helped the defense team, but helped me see the synergies and help overall game play. Thank you all

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