Sonya, or a second kiril first to level?

To make it easier . Did a acouple ten pulls today for Atlantis. Waiting for July to try again for sechat . But here’s my roster now.

Personally I’d do Sonya, as my approach to gameplay is better facilitated by variety. Also, while I see 2x Evelyn and Frida, you could use another dispeller. Maybe I’d feel differently if your Caedmon were leveled.

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Finish Triton first (he’s close!) and then I agree to work on Sonya before a duplicate Kiril.

I only focus on duplicates myself if there’s no better hero to work on. Even with Evelyn x2 and Frida, Sonya is still good to level because she dispels all the buffs from enemies, rather than just for 3 enemies.

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I’d finish Sabina, Wilbur, Triton, and Little John before anything else, as they are all already on the 4th ascension.

Then, I’d do Sonya. I’d also do Rigard at the same time, as for wars, you’re pretty low on healers.

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I agree on most. Just curious. So Caedmon is better in your option than Sonya?. But yes. Low on healers . That’s why I was working kashrek. The best I had other than Sabina ,& kiril till now. Also have anzogh

I personally would focus of maxing - Wu Kong, Sabina, Wilbur, Sonya, Caedmon, Triton, Rigard

Was torn on wu. Since I have ranvir. Now I have two wu’s. But the others are well on there way. Just short on orbs,& two darts for rav for full

Haha, I only looked at the question of Sonya vs. Kiril, but I generally agree with those who gave more comprehensive answers - generally finish your heroes before moving on.

As for Caedmon vs. Sonya, I think he’s better for two reasons:

  1. He hits harder, without really being subject to the normal tradeoff (that is, he’s about as durable as Sonya).

  2. The caliber of their respective colors, especially in four stars. Kiril and Grimm are two of the best four stars. So Sonya, though fine, has tougher competition when you need a blue hero. In contrast, Caedmon has…Melendor? And that’s basically it (obviously I’m exclusing less accessible heroes like Buddy and Hansel - I’m also making this comment specifically looking at OP’s roster; they have Kiril and Grimm, whereas their next best green is maybe Little John). So when you need a green, Caedmon is going to get a lot of usage.


Thanks for the input . Still dying of thirst for acouple of Tonics for one of my eves:)

I agree with Sonya too for variety. To answer your question, I like Caedmon more than Sonya if you compare the two straight up because Caedmon has more blue enemies he can counter. Boril, Kiril, Aegir, Magni, etc. Plus, Caed dispells all enemies and Eve only dispells (up to) 3. That said, I keep one of each because they’re both useful.

So Kong is still needed for events or raids etc when you can’t use 5* Ranvir

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