Sonya or Kyrill


I still up my hero but i will have a problem. I have in blue grimm Sonya Kirill Magni and some 3 stars.

Grimm is already in the max not again at 70 but like4. 35.

For Sonya i am almost in 3.60 and have all the requirements to up her to the next level.

My problem is Kirill is at 3.13 which mean he will be there in not so long.

My question is which one i must up first?

For the info i have Sabina too at 4.30.

I am ready to wait to up Kirill but i do not want to make a mistake here.


I would recommend to focus on one hero per color, same color feeding - it gives more xp per feeder and your heroes get maxed at reasonable speed.

So finish Grimm first, then Kiril, then Sonya imo. Sonya is good with dispell, but Kiril is a very good utility hero helping the entire team.


Thanks for the answer

Agree with SilverDragonR. You almost have Grimm to the top so finish him off to 4/70 and give him emblems. Next I would focus on Kiril and then Sonya.
I have all these heroes to max with emblems and that’s the order I would recommend you finish them. Cheers


I agree with the ranking of the heroes, Grimm < Kiril < Sonya, but I don’t think you need to finish off heroes to their max level before you start the next one if you’re still building your bench.

You get way more overall strength per feeder early on in the leveling process than you do at the end. If you’re trying to build a stronger team.for alliance wars, map levels or Titan attacks, getting Kiril from 3.35 to 4.35 or so will improve your team a lot more than finishing Grimm, for something close to the same xp cost.

You want to finish them all eventually, but it doesn’t need to be one hero per color at a time.


Thanks guys for the answers

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Agree, I use this system too, at one point, I left 11 4* heroes at 4/50. The balance of power between your top heroes actually help you get better match at tournament too (if you use 3-2 attack strategy).


I think the general rule is healers tend to be better bang for your buck.

A healer is sometimes worth 4 heroes’ specials because they let your other 4 heroes live


And Kiril’s combo of def buff +heal makes that especially true.

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Kiril first bcs you got Grimm already for damage dealer , Sabina is Healer-Debuffer which is different role with Kiril , Kiril is Healer+Buffer

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I agree with Kiril first over Sonya:

Kiril’s attack + defense buff is very useful and unique; and will combo well with Grimm’s defense down. you will be doing a lot of damage when those two combine.

Sabina also dispels like Sonya does, so Sonya can wait a bit.

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Grimm is what is usually called a “glass cannon”. He has a great attack stat bu also has low HP and extremely low defense. So, despite good tile damage factor and solid special skill, he goes down way too easy, especially if not maxed.
Kiril is a solid 4*, with well balanced stats (low HP though) and a superb special skill, but the effects only last for three turns…
The real deal is to get them to fire at once, which is kind of simple, both being average, and immediately follow their buffs/debuffs with some strong attacks. Best used in a 4* blue stack with Triton who will shoot before them and boost Kiril’s low healing factor.


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