Help with team synergy?

Hi all. I started playing in early April. I do spend some money, but wisely… mostly on smaller Gem deals that include Ascension Mats. I’ve conjured up quite a respectable line up of 4 star heroes, and I’m wondering on how to blend some of the more special/niche heroes into my otherwise pretty boring and straightforward game plan when I max them.

Here’s my list… I’ve gotten quite lucky on some of these pulls :smiley:

Maxed/emblemed 4*s:

Melendor +3
Rigard +3
Boldtusk +5
Grimm +3
Wu Kong +7

Working on:

Sonya - 4.3 I just ascended her… love her survivability and dispel.
Wilbur - 4.33
Proteus - 2.36 - have the AM to max
Hansel - 2.15 Have the AM to max
Chao - 2.25 - can take him to 3.60 atm.

Heroes that aren’t being worked on currently:

Magni - 2.60 - I chose to ascend Sonya w the AM
Ranvir - 1.1
Skittleskull - 3.60 - I didn’t have any other greens at the time… but didn’t want to use shields on him
Colen - 3.60 - I’ve grown to like him a lot… great damage when his special gets unleashed… obtained Wilbur, who took priority.
Danzaburo - 3.60 - meh

4*s at 1.1:
Boldtusk #2
Wu Kong #2
Wu Kong #3!
Sonya #2
Li Xiu
Hu Tao

I’d mainly like to discuss how to incorporate the more special characters; Proteus, Wilbur, Hansel into the mix, who they work with best, who to pair with Wu… how to balance all the Buffing, debuffing, mana control, healing etc. With eachother.


You have a great bloc of utility heroes maxed, but only one damage-dealer, Grimm. Grimm is among the finest 4* strikers, but he’s lonely.

Solid calls on your next group of 4*s. Note that Proteus and Hansel don’t play well together: the mean back-end of Hansel’s Witch-Killer can’t kick in if Proteus has the target’s mana locked down. (Likewise, don’t use Chao on your Hansel’d foe if there’s another good target.) Notwithstanding, hansel and Proteus are two best-in-class heroes.

Also note that both Wilbur and Grimm have a -defense; wilbur’s is bigger but shorter. I generally avoid bringing two -defense heroes, but it could be okay. Likewise, I’d probably choose to bring either Sonya or Melendor, but not both; two dispels is depriving yourself of another skill.

FWIW I’m not a big fan of Wu Kong on defense. Thoughtful raiders can easily have a counter ready, and he’s quite squishy, even with emblems. He’s great on offense and superb against titans.

Thinking ahead, even though you should develop teams in rainbows for experience efficiency, you should deploy (on offense) unbalanced teams. At a minimum omit the color weak to the tank and double the color strong against the tank. With you (under construction) double-rainbow, that’s achievable. I would tend to bring only one of your healers, either Grimm or Wilbur, and then three others. Play around in raids to see what works best for you.


Perfect. Thanks! - this is exactly the stuff I was looking for…!

I have been doing some stacking, mainly with Blue. My highest titan hit was a 46k on a red. So I like to target red tanks as well. Magni is soon to be, temporarily, behind… I was very tempted to ascend him over Sonya… just to have another good damage dealer, but I went with the 4.70 > 3.70 addage.

Thanks again @Kerridoc :+1::+1:

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@Kerridoc made great points!

I will talk about Wu + Wilbur combo in Season 2 map. These 2, with a healer (2 for hard), will clear S2 on autopilot without any problem.

Get a diamond on the board, use Wilbur’s special, than Wu and trigger the diamond for a clean mob/boss kill wave.

I am currently clearing S2-hard with Wu, Wilbur, Proteus, Rigard and Melendor. Easy peazy!
In alliance war, i usually use Wu with my flag #5-6 and a team of max 3* or 4* at 3/60. It helps clear harder opponents with low strength team.
For Wilbur, i use him against a heavy sniper team to help with survival.
And Proteus is on my main squad, to take down the strongest foe.

You have a great roster by the way!
Have fun


Thanks, @J1mau :smiley: another group of great hands on examples :smiley:

I recently just threw Wu on my defense after giving him emblems, simply due to his high power level. I do like seeing him/facing him in a raid defense though lol.

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I like Li Xiu over Hu Tao, but I do plan to level up a panda-bear at some point… I have one at 3-60, and I feel like his blind would be worthwhile in some cases.

Don’t sleep on Danzaburo, though… 2/3 of the time, his special is 5* quality buff or damage. :slight_smile: I’d prefer Li Xiu or Hu Tao in the yellow spot for a rainbow defense, but Danzaburo is a great benefit to me in war attacks in particular.

Good gaming!


Also, I was wondering what I should be targetting with my pulls based on the Heroes I’ve listed here.

I almost have enough gems saved up for an Atlantis 30 pull this month… I would Love to have a Seshat, as i obviously need more attackers in general… but especially on purple. I also have been reading that Kage may be a featured A-Hero? That’d be great.

As a side note: I am only 1 Tonic away from being able to take a 5* Green to the max. 4 Shields will probably go straight to Hansel though.

Thanks again everyone.

One Wu is enough for titan scoring. No need to keep his dupes imo.


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