Help with team setup please

I have recently gotten pretty lucky with TC20 since after many pulls I had only Joon to show as a 5*. But I ran 3 tc20 and after 100 attempts I have gotten Elena, Khagan, Vivica, Domitia, Obakan and after a short break to make feeders, I restarted 2 tc20 and in 5 turns got Ulmer, Gunnar, Colen(dupe) then Rigard(finally) and MAGNI.
So my tc20 odds are 6% for 5* which is great and I have every 4* but Kashrek, Caedmon, Sonya and Boril/Cyprian who I could live without at this point. I also have Triton at 4+9 from Atl.
Domitia is maxed and I will be giving the emblems Scarlett has to her(crazy that Scarlett is +7 yet if I take all hers plus 40 spare, Dom only goes to +3).
Joon is at 4.45 and he will get the monk emblems when max, while Vivica is at 3.45 going to 3.70 until I get more darts or she will stay if I get another better yellow.
Khagan is my choice for red to get rings and he is at 3.51 and Elena will go to 3.70. Unless I get a better red, I will likely max khagan as a tank.
Magni is my only blue and luckily he is the best of the S1 blues though Isarnia isn’t bad but she’s slow. So he will get max and the fighter emblems.
Obakan I will eventually take up to 3.70 and I have almost enough tabbards to max him but I am hesitant in case I pull Sartana or a better hero from EHT, gems from sand event or coins form Atlantis.

So I have or shortly will have max(+emblems in some cases) Domitia, Joon, Khagan, Magni, ???.
I need opinions on whether the ones not yet maxed are good choices and also what a good order to place them would be. I have thought about using Viv at 3.70 as healer with that group. Joon can go anywhere since he doesn’t aid others. Dom debuffs enemies but also puts up yellow def over nearby. Khagan increases mana and also increases def to 64%. However Viv also does this as well so if I use her I want the best placement.

I could use Kiril, BT, Sabina, Mel or Rigard instead of Viv but on defense it seems like rainbow is the way to go so Mel would be the best choice and I have him at +11 and he is over 700 power with near 5* stats.

Thanks for any advice as for who to level and what order to put them in. This would obviously be for raid and war defense. I haven’t taken Khagan or Elena to max yet but I am leaning to Khagan for a Tank though I could see Elena being useful as well. Thanks.

Viv Khaga Domi Mag Joon


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