Advice on best of my hero's to make the best teams

I feel I’m coming to a standstill with my defense and attack team, would like some guidence on who I should concentrate on leveling to better my defense team and who I have worth leveling that are good in attacks for raids and world levels. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :-):smiley:

You don’t have a wide 4*-5* pool to choose from but Kiril and Zimkitha are pretty valid for both attack and defense and Kashhrek is the best 4* tank.

While your attacking team should change to face every defense at their best you could set this team as your defense:

Thank you! Yes I am trying to build my 4☆ and 5☆ hero roster. Have a TC19 I’m trying to collect for to upgrade to 20. I don’t seem to have much luck pulling a lot of decent hero’s nor do I often pull duplicates of any of my decent heroes. I mostly play for free so I have to just deal most of the time. And your defense suggestion is interesting, those are basically the same ones I’m concentrating on leveling for that reason lol and also really great seeing “my” hero’s when they are fully leveled…i feel I have some formidable hero’s once they are maxed :smile:

There’s very little damage power in that team, though. I might prefer levelling Tiburtus to Cyprian. He’ll be useful on offense too.

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