Help with Raid and War Defense. Mainly

Good day, I hope everyones pulls have been going good.

I have a few questions that I’m hoping the community at large can help with and hoping that @RandaPandah and @FishDreams can weigh in on.

I thank everyone in advance for their help.

For now who would be my best bet for a raid/war defence team? Currently I am using Team 2.

Which characters should I look at moving up for a better defense? IE if everyone was maxed what would be my premium team?
Im excited about Kashrek as I HATE raiding against him therefor I’m thinking he will be worth it. Gaderious looks interesting as a tank as well.

Is there any ideas for switching defense teams on wars based on what I have?

I’m mostly interested on 4 and 5 stars. The 3s will be levelled when I get there. War and raid defense along with advice on who to bring up for a little more offensive edge would be awesome.

I do same color feeding while working on one of each color at a time.

Feel free to ask me any questions to help clarify my thoughts as well.

Roster and AMs below


Just pulled Musashi at 5pm my time today.

Again thanks for the input and happy gaming.

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I’m really pleased that you tagged @RandaPandah because you will get better expert advice than from me!

Here are some thoughts though.

Your Team 2 is fine and will serve you well. What I like about your roster is that there is flexibility for AW and the mid range raid game.

My feeling is that you should concentrate on your 4* for a while and only take select 5* to 3/70. The 4* will be loyal servants for a long time - especially for AW.

For defence in the short to mid term, my gut tells me that you are about to out grow Cyps (he will still be excellent for challenges though). Most higher level players don’t care about the 4* counter attackers.

But you have some great options available, specifically Richard, Tibs and Kashh… even old mates Colen and Gormek.

AW often needs different defence teams than Raid, because of the Aids… it’s not uncommon in the mid levels to see strong AW teams that have two and even three healers, especially if Kashh and Kiril are involved.

Gaedirus is a personal favourite, but hard to promote ahead of 4* healers like Kiril and BT.

For AW, here is an alternative to your current line up:

  1. Scarlett / Kiril / Kashhrek / Li Xiu / Tibs

Scarlett is the weak spot, but you need a fast hitter. You have plenty of mats, so let’s hope you get a Marjana or similar soon.

Getting Bold Tusk would give you a lot of flexibility for AW.

Richard is a great hero. He is the one in your line up that I look at and think is worth the mats - but I don’t have him, so that’s where @RandaPandah will have insight.

In terms of a levelling priority:

You won’t regret taking these heroes to full level:

They will help with AW, Titans and Raids.

Taking these heroes to 3/60 or 3/70 is also worthwhile:

Little John

Kasshrek and Gaedirus are your tricky ones. Kashh is an absolute beast, but not very versatile. Gaeds is great, but only to a certain level.

I hope I answered your questions, because I feel like I’m rambling. Hopefully Randah will jump in and correct my meandering answer!


Any words of wisdom @RandaPandah?

Ahh sorry, I haven’t been very involved in the game lately, but I’ll still do my best to help with what I can.

I haven’t read @FishDreams complete summary, but I trust it’s on point. :blush:

Anyway, I’ll give you some advice quick from what I see. If you have anymore questions, or need anything else, feel free to ask.

So, we’re talking war/regular defense team? Alright

Red: Wilbur is maxed, which is awesome, but he’s no good to have on defense ever unless he’s your only option; giving spirit link to the opponent can be more of an advantage than a disadvantage for the other team. Scarlett is fine as a wing hero if you don’t have many fasts; she’s too squishy to flank. Colen can be pretty brutal on defense for a 4*, but Azlar is basically the bigger and badder version of him. So if we’re just talking defense, Azlar would be a beast, but needs to flank or tank to have any hope of going off (same applies to any slows unless they’re Alby/MN). Gormek is alright on defense, but has so many HP points, so he’ll inflate your war score if he’s in your war defense setup. I’d use Scarlett over Kelile on defense, but Kelile would have better survivability if you went with her instead.

Blue: Kiril is a solid supporting hero to have on defense; healing and attack and defense boost are amazing. Though, he should be in left flank, doesn’t make a very good tank, and might not go off in time in the wings. Richard is also a beast on defense; a great tank or flank hero. Sonya is nice for the dispel, so if you have no dispellers on defense, she should go in the left wing. Thorne, well we’re gonna ignore him for now.

Green: Caedmon is maxed, so he’d be better to have in the left wing over Sonya for the dispel. Plus, he hits harder than she does. Melendor is too squishy on defense (imo). Little John hits like a truck, but he’s slow, so you won’t want more than two slows on your defense teams, so just be aware. He’s also super squishy, so easy to get rid of before he goes off. Do like him though. Kashhrek is going to be the best 4* tank you will find, so until you have 5* at 4T, I’d be using and leveling him as your tank. That would mean not using Caedmon in the wings (to never double your tank color), but you can do Sonya when she’s ready. I’m going to ignore Skittleskull here, doesn’t add much to defense. Gadeirus has a cool buff and all, but ultimately doesn’t help out too much defensively with slow mana and a weak attack. The buff is his best quality, which is better on offense.

Yellow: Li Xiu is probably the best defensive yellow 4*, so I’d be putting her as flank or tank to cut mana. Wu Kong isn’t great for defense, so leave him out. Chao, you could use, if you need another fast mana hitter in the wings instead. Justice makes another beast of a tank. Is slow, but that blind can be brutal, and she’s got a ton of defense. Another good candidate for tank. Danza is too unpredictable. Hu Tao is too slow, like a worse version of Justice. Musashi is fast, so he’s excellent in the wings, and his attack stat is pretty high too. Not very high of defense, so I wouldn’t ever have him flank.

Purple: Cyprian is alright on defense, but I’m not a huge fan of counterattack since it can be so easily dispelled. Still, could make an alright flank hero since he’s already almost maxed. Sabina is too squishy for defense. Domitia is alright on defense, the holy buff is nice, but she’s not amazing at it. Still, she’s good. Ameonna isn’t all that great on defense; the ghost thing is cool, and can be a little annoying, but usually doesn’t help or make a difference at all. Rigard is a great healer to have on defense as one of the few cleansers. Should be on the left. Tiburtus is also good for the defense down, and better defense/survivability when compared to Grimm and Gormek. Obakan being fast makes him nice for the wings, but he’s still not an amazing defensive hero. He’s alright though.

K, so those are just my thoughts on all of your 4* and 5* defensively. Now, I’ll brainstorm a few setups for you. Up to you whether you wanna use my ideas, or build off of em. Again, feel free to ask any questions you may have over any of this.

I’m sticking to rainbow, because it’s the most effective and easiest to set up. Stacking colors on your defense team usually ends up helping the opponent more than helps you. Makes it easier to stack and take out more heroes with one color. War, it’s a little different. A widely used strategy is all mono-colored tanks in your alliance, with strong vs the stack flanking/wings (purple & yellow are the best at that). So after knowing what color you’re doing, or if you’re just doing your best defense setup, will help me better to help you.

Fast or very fast in the wings (usually squishy, so they’re protected, and have enough to charge at fast), wreak havoc/important heroes (usually average mana) in flank to ensure they go off (and preferrably have a decent defense stat), and for tank: tanky heroes in both health and defense, that either hit the enemy fast and hard, slow the enemy down, or help their flanks do the same. Al moves from left to right, so keep all dispels, cleanses, attack buffs and defense downs on the left

Defense Team with What You’ve Got Leveled:

Caedmon-Kiril-Li Xiu-Cyprian-Scarlett

Eventual defense team with 4*:

Sonya-Tiburtus-Kashhrek-Li Xiu-Scarlett

Eventual defense team with some 5*:


Could switch Richard and Azlar around if you want a better shot at Azlar going off more often. He’s squishier than Richard, but packs a hell of a punch if he fires.

Hope this helps. Idk if I answered your questions or not, so if you’re still confused/curious, feel free to ask :blush:


Thank you so much for your reply. As usual you don’t disappoint with your advice. Theres a lot to work with so I am definitely going to try out and work with the setups you both suggested. Makes a lot of sense. I’ve been focusing so much on other things I completely overlooked a few ideas.

Sorry to hear you’re not involved as much. Hope all is well and to see you back soon.

Again thanks for the advice @RandaPandah and @FishDreams

A couple more qustions now that I think about them.

I wa debating on fully ascending Colen as I need somewhere to put my fighter emblems and I’m thinking Hu Tao would nit be the greastest fit. That being said as I am finally pushing into diamond for my raid chests would I be better off putting that on hold and bringing Azlar up instead or go ahead with Colen first as he’ll probably be more useful quicker?

And again in regards for emblems as Sonya has now made the coveted fourth tier. Richard at 3/70 till Sonya’s done (she was next in line) should I hang on and give Sonja the boost or might they be more useful on Cyprian?

Thanks again. Your help is appreciated.

Update: Just pulled Vivica and Khagan. I’m thinking that might switch things up a bit. What’s your thoughts? Pretty darn happy but so many decisions now.

Not much to add. :slight_smile:

Though on your current defense team I would exchange Cyprian for Rigard, especially if I look at all the symbols I see on Rigard. :slight_smile:

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