Help with leveling troops please

Hello! I’m new here and I still didn´t find an answer (or the right topic/guide) to level troops. My question is very simple:

When it´s time to use troops level 1 and 2 to raise/feed troops and when I change to only 3* troops. Even better, until which level should I use only 1 and 2* troops and from which level 3* troops?

I currently have mana troops at level 13.

Could someone help me, please? Or tell me about your experience leveling troops :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance

Good Luk and patience (hahaha) to ya all :slight_smile:

Che, una duda:
A partir de cual nivel para subir tropas yo uso solo las de 1 y 2*? y cuando es la hora de usar las tropas 3*?

Gracias adelantado!


Not sure where you are in the game, or what number troops you have at what levels.
When I joined a great alliance in the first 12 months of playing, I received some solid advice about troop levelling as a starting point. And that was …
Get 5 x 2* troops in each colour to lvl.6
Get 5 x 3* troops in each colour to lvl.9
Get 5 x 4* mana troops in each colour to lvl.11

I used 1* troops to feed to 2* troops and both 2* and 3* (and duplicate 4* troops) to feed to 4* troops


1* troops: they are just food, do not level them up.

2* troops: only level them up if you are trying to achieve top scores in 3* events or you absolutely want to get additional boost in 3* tournaments. I haven’t leveled up my 2* troops and am not planning to do so in the near future. They are too situational.

3* troops: a bit more useful than 2* troops but still a bit situational

4* crit: not as useful as the other 4* troops, you’d better wait for other troops

4* ninja: interesting, provide the greatest attack boost, but are not the highest priority

4 mana: this is where you should concentrate. Ideally, you’d have three mana troops at levels 23, 17 and 11 so that you can take three heroes of the same colour and be able to charge them up with fewer tiles. It would take a long time but this would be the best all-around for your long-term progress in the game.*

The more troops you feed to situational troops, the longer time it would be until you can get mana troops to high levels (especially if you’re FTP/C2P).


Breakdown & summary:

Guvs Advice:


Personally, I have never leveled anything but 4* troops. I knew from the get-go they’d be the most versatile - thereby the most important - so I stuck to only leveling one of each unique 4* in each color. With the introduction of ninja troops, that makes three levelled troops per color

My Plan

  • Take one of each ninja, mana and crit to level 23 (most/all are @ 22, either waiting on feeders, or waiting on a ninja troop - as I’m only missing red and purple ninja)
  • After, I plan on leveling two more mana: one to 17, and one to 11; they will get all of my 1* and 2* feeders (upon the rest reaching 23) and my 23’s will get all 3* and 4*.

After that, I’ll have five levelled 4* troops per color - for mono.

If you don’t use mono, or rarely use it, you could probably cut your 4* leveling short. Really depends on your priorities and play-style.

As far as 2* and 3* go

Unless you’re aiming for Top 1000 [rare]/500 [epic] (or higher) [in events] and find you can’t make it, or struggle to obtain Top 1%/5% in most 3*/4* tournies, then I say leave em for now…

…that, or wait til 4* become just too expensive to feed anything but 3* feeders to. & Without any other 4* plans in mind, may as well.

My 2¢

Idk, personally, I don’t think leveling 2* or 3* troops are all that important - despite seeing teams on leaderboards always sporting em - as I find I’m able to land in an acceptable place [for me] just fine [without em]. But then again, I’m also the chick who doesn’t use 4* mats or emblems soooo… What do I know?! :upside_down_face: My advice and play-style may, very well, not suite everyone :sweat_smile:

So what I’m trying to say is: go with your gut. If you feel you need/want to improve in an area, and think leveling troops could be the answer, then take it - as you’ll know best. Troops will always be relevant, so at the very least, your hard-work will always pay off somewhere


Thank you all for those coments/advices! :heart: very kind and instructive!

Sorry, i didn´t let it very clear to you. **I’m asking advice for leveling 4 star troops **. I have 3 troops of mana (4 stars) of all colours at level 13. I fed them mostly with 2 and 3 star troops by now. What I would like to know is when I should stop to use 1 and 2 star troops to fed them and star to use 3 stars so it will be more food economic (sorry by my ENG). This is the advice I´m looking for. I read is about level 17 or 23 I should use 3 stars troops only to fed my 4 star troops, is that info alright?

Tks in advance again :smile:

Close to level 15/16 you’ll start to want using 3* as feeders.

By now you already feel the wall … how much food it takes to level using 1/2*.

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You already have lots of good and detailed answers, so I’ll just throw in my own take on this.

  • NEVER level 1* troops, they are good only as food and that’s it
  • 2* troops can be worth leveling since the food cost is reasonable, and you need a place to dump your 1* feeders, however:
  • Level 2* troops with 1* troops ONLY because you’ll want to save all the 2* and 3* troops for 4* troops
  • Don’t bother with 3* troops unless you’re absolutely sure you want to become a 4* tourney/event specialist. The upgrade costs starts to get quite high (not as bad as 4* but still substantial) and they’re NOT in any way game changing
  • 4* troops are sub-divided into 3 classes: crit, mana, ninja, you should prioritize mana where possible since these troops become absolutely game changing starting as low as lv 5 (for an average speed hero with max costume bonus, 10 tiles → 9 tiles).
  • Ninja and crit troops can each be leveled to lv 9 because you pick up 2/3% stats increase on atk/def which IMO is tangible, but mana should still be priority regardless

I’ve never leveled a single 3* troop, and I really don’t feel like I’m handicapping myself or missing anything by doing so. Up to now I haven’t leveled any 2* troops either, but this is about to change as I rack up ludicrous amounts of 1* feeders, and my mana troops are all past lv 9 at this point which is way too slow and expensive to feed with 1* troops.

Slightly OT wall of text @Guvnor

Great mind thinks alike! :stuck_out_tongue: I leveled and emblemed 5 copies of costume Rigard precisely because I also wanted a cleanser on each war team (6th war team has Garnet so cRigs not strictly needed), and I tend to run 4-1 most of the time so he fits in well. Troops are arranged in such a way that guarantees the 4tack will fire in 9 tiles, even if they aren’t the most optimal (eg giving Buddy a lv 17 troop when it could benefit a sniper more)

Far as troops go, I stop my crit at lv 9 because the 1% extra crit change just doesn’t make any different to me. But the other stats increases at lv 9 are quite tangible: +2% atk, +3% def, +1% HP, which is why I think it’s worth leveling one crit troop to lv 9. They’re great for using on fast support heroes who have their stats distributed all wrong (e.g. Panther, Mist, Brynhild, all support heroes who aren’t really damage dealers but for some reason have stupid high atk and ludicrously low defense).

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Definitely stop using 1* troops at this point if you can help it. 2* troops are still ok to use somewhere up to lv 17, but past that the food cost gets a bit too much.

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Once Again, thank you all for sharing your time and advices! Now I got it tks to u people. My worry was to spend lot of food in leveling these 4 star troops by no using the right/proper troop feeder (1, 2 or 3 star) at the right moment. Hey Guvnor, I have 3 Rigards c and Glenda for cleanses. I´ll try get my blue mana troop to lvl 17 + bonus 2% and she´ll fire at 9 tiles. Liked a lot the idea of all charging at the same time. I´m lvl 64 by now.
Good Luck to you all! :luck:
Best regards :heart:

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I worked out that lesson later, but have no levelled up 2* troops; my highest 3* is a level 7 (1) and my 4* mana’s? Pushing for level 12 atm.

PS, what kind of 4* mats don’t you use?


All of them? :sweat_smile:

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Yes I was curious about this very same question, but never saw a clear answer.

It just comes down to whether you are ok feeding 3* troops earlier or you are ok with eating a lot of food for longer. Everyone has a different approach to feeding troops.

TBH~ sometimes I get frustrated with how slow and how much food it takes, so I am happy to eat them 3* troops.

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I stop feeding 1* troops when I reach level 17/18 then I push my troop to level 23 by feeding 2* and for each incremental level 10 3* until level 23.

I don’t go beyond level 23 for now I prefere to have a second level 23 then a third rather than going to level 29

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this is very relevant topic for me as well.
I have full set of mana lvl 14/15 (2 are lvl 15 and 3 are lvl 14) and full set of mana lvl 11.
I have about 40 3* troops from each color + a bunch of 2* and 1*.
My goal is to have 1 set of mana 23 and 1 set of mana 17.
The question is if I should still hold on with feeding 3* or go ahead and feed them away to my mana 15/14?
guys, thanks for your sights!

Here are my 2 cents on troop leveling efficiency:
I did some calculations some time ago, and it takes 200 troops from each level to bring to max a 4 troop* (38325 XP): 200x1* to reach ~lvl9 (8000 XP), then 200x2 * for ~lvl18 (another 18000 XP), and after that , only 3-4* troops as needed (~60x3* troops to reach level 23).

Edit: small mistake, 38325XP is needed for lvl 23, for lvl 30 a total of 63800 XP is needed


(o ideal seja em que nivel for, é levar a tropa até muito pouco para passar de nivel… depois alimentar com 10 tropas de uma só vez. vai poupar na comida, pois vai aproveitar o custo no nivel anterior.)
the ideal at whatever level, is to take the troop to very little to pass the level … then feed with 10 troops at once. you will save on food, as you will enjoy the cost at the previous level.

(duas opções) two options

(eu uso a segunda opção. depois sigo com tropas 1* até perto da passagem para outro nivel, consuante vou tendo alimento de sobra. Repito as 10 tropas de 2* seguidas para passar de nivel, e continuo o mesmos processo de 1*. faço até nivel 17… a partir dai já só uso tropas de 2* até ao nivel 23… do 23 para cima começo a utilizar as tropas de 3*)
*I use the second option. then I follow with troops 1 * until close to the passage to another level, consuando I am going to have food to spare. I repeat the 10 troops of 2 * in a row to pass the level, and I continue the same process of 1 . I do it until level 17 … from then on I only use 2 * troops until level 23 … from 23 upwards I start using 3 * troops
I hope to understand, my English is not good (google translator) :rofl:


Ei Floki, valeu pela ajuda mano. Eu tava um tempo sem ver o fórum. Te agradeço mesmo, essa experiência que eu queria saber. até quando usar tropas 1*, depois 2* e aí 3* e o que tu tá fazendo é justamente o que eu queria. Google translator, kkkkkkk. Obrigado pelo teu esforço, grande abraço e boa sorte! Tks a lot man, that´s exact your experience I was looking for! :slight_smile:

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Cara, acho que respondi no reply errado, kkk. escrevi abaixo um agradecimento, valeu mesmo txê!

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yeah man, the problem is that to get 3* troops, even with HA is too slow :frowning:

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