Ariel , master lepus or frida. ascension advice please

Hi guys!

I have a dilemma on whom should i spend the mats on.

At the moment i have master lepus, frida and ariel 3-70 . I also have a justice ascended lvl 4, marjana waiting for mats, obakan whom im not sure of lvl ing and a margaret 3- 70 .

A bit of advice would be wonderful !

Kind regards

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It all depends on your goals, roster and mats.

Currently insifficient data, though Ariel is great.


I want to reach diamond so will focus on raids > war > titans

Given this, I think the answer is Ariel. She’s a five star healer, and unless you have a ton of those already, that makes her very valuable. She can be a cornerstone offensive and defensive piece for you indefinitely.

Frida is great and would not be ‘wrong.’ She excels particularly against red titans and in a blue stack. But it seems you don’t yet have a blue striker to pair her with.


Frida if you have a maxed 5* healer. Ariel if you don’t. Both should be maxed eventually though

Master lepus is a blue canon… huge dmg and splash …

Huh? Lepus is one of the hardest hitters in the game.

I’d still do Ariel, Ariel, Ariel. Didn’t SG release stats showing she’s got the highest winrate on offense? She also makes a great tank or flank on D. Ariel is one of the best heroes in the game. Frida still works fine at 3.70 for titans unless you’re fighting real high level ones

Do you have the materials to do two of the heroes? I guess, upon re-reading your post I assumed you could only do one, even though you didn’t say that explicitly.

Even if you do, you can only do one at a time. And while Frida + Lepus will be devastating against red heroes, I don’t think you’ll want them on every raid. I can see a much wider use for Ariel.

I’d go with Ariel first. There are no much 5* healers, so having one is extremely useful.

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Correct answer is Ariel! Without a doubt.

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Yup, i need to chose between the 3 of them… initially, i was very hyped about Master Lepus but after reading the replays, i think i will go with Ariel first. Thanks for the advice i got so far to everyone!


The little mermaid of course

Ariel first. She is one of the best of the best heroes in this game

Really? I was a bit unimpressed when i pulled her as most of my 5 star champs are blue… more importantly some of my best hitters…

Maybe because, people who pull for her pull for special 5 star champs often , therefore have good teams to start with :slight_smile: just a thought…

I have Lepus, and he is great for Raids, but I would still choose Ariel first. That heal + mana boost + cleanse is just too good. I always cringe when I face her in a raid.

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Ariel. Tough choices. Since raids are your primary this is my choice

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