Help with how to build my best attack and defense team please!?

I have tried researching the best way to build my attack and defensive teams for maximum ability and I seem to be stuck and not really growing in power or levels. I’ve kind of struggled and would like advice on how to maximize game play, leveling and moving through the story line better. Can someone please give me your thoughts on how top build the best attack and defensive team with what I have so far? Here’s the heros I currently have. Please be specific in the help because I am relatively new and some of the “lingo” doesn’t make sense to me. Any help is greatly appreciated!

First thing I would say is work on levelling only one hero of a certain colour at a time. You will do better with one rainbow maxed 3 star team than lots of half levelled.

Next keep all 3 stars you get just now. You need them for depth so you can begin colour stacking against opponents to take them out easier. Only one and two stars are food currently.

Third get 2 3stars of each colour maxed before starting on 4/5 stars. Some people will say you should have even more but I think that is enough.

Then work on getting some 4 star depth before starting on your 5 stars as until you can compete in war and beat titans you wont have the mats to ascend your 5stars anyway and feeder wise is more efficient on the lower heroes.

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Thank you very much! I can, and do, compete in war as well as attacking several titans. If I understand correctly, I just keep all 3 stars and only use level 1 and 2 stars to create depth on the 3 stars first? I should NOT feed my 3 stars with duplicate or other 3 stars of the same color? Just hang onto them? So basically my two 3 stars that are not maxed out are Gunnar and Bjorn? Max them out first and work my way to having 2 maxed out 3 stars of each color before I level up my 4 stars or 5 stars? If so, once I have 2 maxed levels of each color, do I then use my excess 3 stars to start feeding to my 4 stars? I think that’s the how I understand your response. I apologize for my ignorance, I just really want to get the best experience with the game. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

No still just one and two stars as feeders. Your 3 stars aren’t food till later in the game.

Bjorn in my opinion is one of the strongest and best 3* attackers out there capable of instant kills on even 4* when maxed out. I would make a priority to get him maxed out first.