Best Raid/Defense Team!

I’ve been slowly upgrading all my heroes, and now I have a bunch maxed but don’t know which one makes a great defensive team or a raid team even. I have to finish out a few before starting my next heroes to lvl up, but not sure who I should level up next that would be good to have for titans, raids and defense. Who should I have on my defensive team for raids or which heroes should i lvl up next?

Any help is appreciated!

Eve Kiril Sesh Boldie Zimi

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Move Onatel to tank once she’s finished.


Who should I start leveling up next then?


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I mean after her. I plan on finishing her, then LJ and then Li since they’re already on their last tier. But not sure if I should go Triton next followed by my other 5*'s or who my teams need more

After you max out your current projects you can work on:
Red: Scarlett (or Lancelot)
Green: Gadeirus
Blue: Triton
Purple: Merlin
Yellow: Chao looks like your best option but he’s not a must have.

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As long as you don’t have any blue legend… yes…

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For me your defence line up would be a rainbow team consisting of -

And for levelling focus on -
Little John
Li Xiu

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I know I need a blue 5* bad. Was really trying for last HotM but didn’t get lucky. Hopefully my TC will pull me one here soon. Should I not focus on Leonidas or Horghall for awhile? Are they not good 5* to spend mats on?

And is Scarlett and Lancelot better than Kelile to lvl for general use for titans and raids?

Leo is okay

Horghall is one of the worst in the game imo

Scarlett is fantastic on titans because of her high ATT.

Kelile is great on offense

■■■■ Horghall haha. of course those two are the two i get from TC after however many pulls i’ve had from it! thanks for the information. Hopefully i get a good blue 5* here shortly!

I honestly recommend you level up eve, Zimbabwe, kunchen, ona, seshat. And place them in that order for raid defense. Kunchen is best tank in game at the moment.

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