Ascension Help please

I know there are quite a few topics like this around here but I’m sort of at a crossroads and finally have the mats to take a 5* of each colour to the final tier. I have already ascended Poseidon, partly because my only other 5* yellow is another Poseidon. My other legendaries are as follows and none of them are yet on the final ascension.

Blue: Miki, Thorne
Red: Grazul, Khagan, Zimkitha
Green: Lady of the Lake, Kingston
Purple: Kageburado, Thoth-Amun, Sartana, Victor, Domitia

My defense team is a large consideration for me in deciding who to go all the way with, which is why I’m leaning toward Zim over Grazul for now and I guess Kingston over LotL. My biggest decision I think, and what prompted me to make this topic, is what to do with the telescopes. Give them to Miki or wait for another blue? He stays alive just fine at 3/70 for the titans we fight especially with Wilbur around.

A good blue tank would fit perfectly here. I think something like Kingston Zim Aegir Kage Poseidon would be fine but the summon gate wasn’t kind to me the Atlantis Aegir was featured. I really don’t want to give scopes to Thorne I would sooner tank with Miki… or at least a zim tank miki flank kind of setup.

Any thoughts? Assume I have every 4* hero in the game that’s not from sand empire or fables of grimforest.

If your main consideration is your defense team, neither Thorne or Miki are the most ideal options. If you pull during events, Alice will be here soon.

Whether to wait or use your scopes really is a function of your pulling habits. If you plan to pull more soon, waiting may be a decent option. If not, you can do much worse than Miki.

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