Help! Who to ascend

So I have a Deliah, Sartana and Aegir fully ascend. Looking for a second yellow to ascend should it be Joon or Drake? For purple Kuchen, Wolf, a second Sartana. For Blue is it worth Ascending Frida to replace Aegir? My other 5 stars fully ascend are Zeline, Gravemaker and Marjiana. Given these options what would your defense team be and what positions?

Joon, Drake is awesome but Joon is love.
Frida definetly, you need her for red titans and blue stacks


I’m going to have to agree with Radar on his picks. Joon and Frida all the way!

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Drake over Joon if you place a high value on your defense team.

If Aegir’s buff goes through as he currently is in beta (his spirit link, “normal” damage healing and a general defense buff extend to all allies instead of nearby). Then he might be your best option for tank. I’d suggest looking at Marjana, Zeline, Aegir, Gravemaker, & Sartana as your defense lineup once V20 comes out. Until then swap Delilah in for Aegir as tank.

If you do max Drake, take Marjana out and put Drake in the wing instead.

For offense teams Joon is better than Drake, but Drake is a very versatile hitter. Frida is worth maxing regardless of Aegir.

Kunchen is probably the best option of those 3 but it depends a lot on how you intend to use him. I wouldn’t put him on defense given your better choices of other heroes. That leaves offense teams. Kunchen is a decent utility healer and can work with a purple color stack or to heal and support (i.e. def debuff) with another color stack of hitters. A 2nd Sartana would have to stack with the first Sartana and that limits her use compared to all the possible teams that could use Kunchen.

What @madmarv said about Aegir is true, It could become a good supporter:

(Just wait V20 before ascending him)

I agree with the above.

Aegir now just drags things out a bit. If he gets the bump to share all like Wilbur he will become a bit troublesome. But again just dragging it out even longer.

I agree with Joon, Kunchen, and Frida. Joon was my first maxed 5* and in the lineup ever since. I have 2 Drakes @70 but my 2nd set of darts went to Onatel (do not regret one bit).

Kunchen and Sartana will be my next dilemma when I collect Tabbards and trap tools. Have Victor and Khiona maxed.

I hope Frida comes to me during Atlantis. Need another option besides Isarnia for 5* blue.