Team build help please

Here are my options. Deliah (fighter), Gravemaker (barbarian), Zeline (wizard), Sartana (wizard), Kuchen (cleric), Aegir or Frida (paladin), Joon or Drake monk) must choose either Joon or Drake

I find Joon more useful than Drake. Hits hard, and also blinds.


I have joon at 3.70 waiting for Shiloh to get last dart. I would take him over drake. He’s fast and a great sniper. However you have sartana as a similar sniper so if you did use drake you’d hit 3 instead of 1 and blind as well. Its a great problem to have :smile: both should be at 3.70 but I lean slightly to joon. You Also wrote frida or aegir, I have aegir in my alt and with the buff he’s so much better on offense and titans. Frida is a true hotm but aegir is at least useable again. Good luck.

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Respectfully disagree, I think Drake is slightly better, I am even stripping joon of his emblems and giving them to Drake. Comparing their stats, Drake is a bit sturdier and his element link is huge on offensive mono and titans.
Joon: 749 attack 636 Def 1339 Health
Drake:727 attack 712 Def 1353 Health

However depending on your team, you’ll likely end up giving zeline the wizard emblems, making you short a sniper without sartana.

I have aegir but no Frida, for some reason people are still saying Frida is much better, but I dont understand why really, if it were me I’d wait a while to see how they test before making a decision between the 2.


Why must choose Joon or drake? Delilah is great on defense and a five color team could be

Sartana Delilah Gravy Zeline Frida

That would be a pretty fine defense I reckon

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Yes true, I think zeline and sartanna down the line both being wizards might be a conflict though.

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I considered Kunchen instead of Sartana, but she is just a stone cold killer

The way the damage equation works means that even a 15% damage boost on a sniper is huge. This is especially so when factoring in a strong mana troop. It’s hard to pass up turning a sniper into a killing machine like that on buffed targets.

And for multi-buffed targets, a 45% or 60% damage boost is just an insta-kill.

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