Help setting up 5 star defense team

Hi, once i have 3 full 4 star teams it’s time to ascend 5 star heroes.

My full leveled 4 stars are BT-C, Wilbur, Sumitomo, Kelile, Sonya-C, Kiril, Grimm, Caedmon, Melendor, Peters, Rigard-C, Proteo, Tiburtus, WuKong, Gretel and Myst.

My 5 stars are Khagan, Grazul, JF, Isarnia, Richard, Telluria, Neith, BW and Freya.

I have mats to ascend one per color and it will take long to gather mats for a second one so I would be glad to receive help/advice setting up the team.

I think I’ll ascend Telluria as tank plus JF, Neith, Freya and Isarnia or Richard

My main concerns are:

  1. Isarnia, Richard or stay with a 4 star blue. Place Blue as flank and JF as wing or opposite
  2. Neith and Freya, which one as flank and which as wing ?

Any advice will be very much welcome

Thanks in advance

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Since 5 star heroes consume so many resources I would suggest encourage doing a staggered five star leveling approach where you level one 5 star in a certain color while the other projects our 4 star or below:

For example start working on Telluria as your nature (green) project and have your ice, fire, dark and holy projects be 3 or 4 stars so that while you’re developing your five star you are also continuing to add depth to your roster.

Out of the 5 stars you listed, I would agree and start with Telluria.

Thanks 4 your answer. I have 3-5 fully leveled 3 star héroes per color and some additional 4 stars at 3/60 like Boril Mireweave Kasshrek Chao LiXiu Sabina. All 5 stars are at least 2/60 and Neith Freya Isarnia at 3/70. I did it this Way for events, alliance wars, tournaments and color stacking for Titans and offense. Should I ascend Isarnia, Richard or wait? How should I position héroes ?

Welcome @Mostovoi :slightly_smiling_face:

Jean Richy Telly Neith Freya

If you get Isarnias costume, you can try to put icy Isa in for Richy or Neith.

Thanks again Olmor 4 your quick answer. Now I know how I should position heroes and which blue to ascend. And I will follow your advice, no doubt the biggest impact in team defense comes with tank Telluria so he/she will go first. I can level 3 star Valhalla heroes EiDun Nordri Kvasir and bear Bjorn meanwhile. When Telluria is ready to act I shall go 4 the rest, and who knows, maybe I have other 5 stars to choose from

I think Telluria is an easy choice

I would choose Grazul from red, given her importance in the current meta dominated by dot and mana effects

All of the following are only if you have around ten of the appropriate colour mats: Richard, Neith, Freya

I feel in each of these colours you probably need more sniping power, as the first two heroes I selected are great support heroes. I feel that Neith andFreya just wont kill stuff well enough, but I do like Freyas synergy with Telluria

Largely your list is full of good support heroes but not enough killers, which maybe you need to wait for

Thx Infinite. Yes Grazul is a good alternative to JF, not so sure in defense but clearly in attack team, and u fill the chest attacking not defending. I see your point about the lack of snipers in the team, and agree with it. I’ll ascend Telluria and Neith as I have 10 darts and he will nicely replace Gretel as flank, and wait for more mats and more heroes to choose from. Patience and wise use of ascension mats is crutial in this game. Cheers

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