Any advice which 5 star hero’s to ascend?

I have enough mats to ascend blue, purple, and red. I am only 1 mat away from green and yellow. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!


Purple: Clarissa

Yellow: Delilah

Blue: Magni

Green: Telluria

Red: Jean François

I believe those 5 will make a good rainbow defense in addition to all being great for offense as well :+1:


I’d prioritize like this:

Purple: Rigard’s Costume. I know he’s not a 5*, but you have it unmaxed. Cheaper to get done than a 5*, and you may need something a bit cheaper if you plan to work on 4 5* at once.

Yellow: Delilah. Simply awesome hero.

Green: Telluria.

Blue: Magni, even if he’s not in game art. :slight_smile:

Red: Probably Jean-Francois, but you may prefer Elena. Depends on play style.


Delilah…heal minons
GFalcon…red fed down
Telly…tank…no words needed

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As you can see, one clear consensus is Delilah.
(I have her. She is awesome.)

So, it got me thinking which of the remaining heroes has a good synergy with Delilah… and I see Freya.

Her special complements Delilah’s minions very nicely.
So, for dark, my suggestion is Freya.

For the remaining colors, obviously, Telluria, JF, and Magni (although Vela would be the perfect one in place of Magni and GM for JF) out of your remaining available options.

Hope this helps.



Don’t forget Wu kong

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For the 5*, I based choices on the assumption you’re looking to build a stronger defense team.

4* - Costume Regard and Proteus are honestly two of the best heroes in the game and both sit among my most used heroes.
5* - Tougher choice. If your aim is to build a defense team then I’d go Clarissa with Sartana a close second. The reason being if you have Tell at Tank and Delilah as healer, then adding Freya would be too many utility heroes and not enough damage IMO.

4* - Grimm for his defense down and Sonya for her enemy debuff. Two great 4*.
5* - Magni is a great sniper and IMO the best of the s1 blue 5*. Richard can make a decent blue tank but not even close to your other obvious tank choice, Telluria.

4* - Guardian Falcon for his elemental def down on titans and events and Scarlett is great for red stacks due to her high attack value.
5* - I’d go with Jean-Francois. Great for flipping def down status ailments and the combined DoT from him and Clarissa will be punishing.

4* - Wu Kong for titan damage and Gretel can be handy in raids for mana control. Or Jackal. More Jackals the better!
5* - Delilah 100%

4* - Brynhild is awesome and Melandor is a serviceable healer for green stacks with added enemy debuff.
5* - Telluria. Tank. Lianna afterwards for that sweet sniper goodness.


Does your alliance run coordinated defenses in wars?

And what are you focusing on in the game?
If it’s titans, u have some 4s and a 3* u need to max like asap

If it’s events, well same thing

If you’re focused on alliance war defense or offense then that’s where the 5s could come in but personally i would focus on getting the key 4s and nordri maxed before messin with the 5s UNLESS you need to improve your war defense for alliance wars


I am hoping to improve my war teams, but I understand the rest is important as well. While I have the mats to some 4*s my most limiting items right now are gloves and compasses. I have 2 sets of gloves and compasses, I was planning on giving them to freya and Delilah.

My alliance can’t ever agree on a coordinated defense. So everyone just puts up their personal best defense team

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Good point. Clarissa would pair well with JF and Freya would pair well with Delilah. Good problems to have. You prefer minion madness or DOT slow death.

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I can’t believer I missed Proteus in your list in my original post. Honestly, I would ignore Purrle for 5* and do Proteus & Costume Rigard ASAP.

Red: wait. I’m not overly impressed with JF. I wouldn’t recommend him as your first 5* red.
4s: falcon and Scarlett

Green: telluria then Lianna
4s: Melandor and costume, gadeirus, brynhild

Blue: magni
4s: sonya, Grimm, triton

Yellow: malosi… guess I’m the odd man out with this choice. Delilah is solid but if you’re using tell as tank, no need to rush Del. If you want to tank with Del, switch to Lianna over tell.
4s: Wu, mist, gretel

Purple: freya
4s: rigard’s costume, proteus

You’ve got a great selection of heroes. To echo the advice from above, I’d focus on the 4s first. I think you’ll see a huge boost in your gameplay at a much faster pace.


Depends… I prefer minion madness in farming stages and on my defense team.

I prefer DoT attacks (combined with Mana controllers) when I am raiding…

Don’t have any particular reason for this preference… purely my personal idiosyncrasy

Yes - good problems to have. :slight_smile:

This is true. I missed it completely. (I guess I should stop posting half-asleep.)

Not really. Your advice factors in a lot more aspects - not just defense.

@RedBanshee, the advice given by @Math4lyfe is solid! I’d follow it if I were you.


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Sartana Jean François Telluria Magni Vivica and I have left you the compound defense team … then I would advise you much more with the heroes you have, to make assault teams, wars, tournaments and Titan … some examples … Guardian Chakal, Boldtusk, Rigard, Tiburtus, Shadereawe, Grimm, Hansel, Protheus, Mist, Wu kong, Gretel, Krill, Lianna, Brynhild, Wilbur, Guardian HalconScarlett, Gormek. These without a doubt.

Tell is still a better tank than del since the nerf?

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Yes, by a considerable margin.

I think so… but I don’t have Del.

I just know that telluria’s defense stats when emblemed are insanely good. And there are more solid purple choices to fight against Del than there are red against tell.

So in short. Tel is the best option in my current heroes to be placed in the tank position?

If you think about it, Tell is basically a much, much tankier green Del but with HoT instead of instant heal, that also does 130% damage, and gives that 24% mana slow for 2 turns. Minions are slightly meatier too because of her high HP.

So yes, Tell is most certainly still a better tank than Del.