Help planning for heros to ascend for defense team

This forum is great for advice. You all rock. I’m planning my next ascentions primarily looking at my defense team. Have mats for one in each color (except blue which is ok, Miki will get them once I have them)

Currently Rigard +19, Justice, Frida+6, Azlar, Greg+3.

My other options (5*) are Kage +3, Grazul 3/70 (my only 5* healer), Black Knight 1/1, Joon 4/10, Lianna 1/1 (just got from TC20), Elk 3/70, Leo 3/70, Sartana 3/70, Domitia 3/70. Other healers BT+18, Melendor +12

I guess biggest question is what would be most ideal rainbow team from those. My biggest conundrum is BK or Grazul. Seems Grazul is better on Offense vs def and BK is premier tank. Is it necessary to have healer on def team or would I be fine without one until I get lucky enough to pull one or do I keep Rigard there for now? Thanks in advance!


First, for raid defense, as long as you are filling your hero chest in Diamond then how many cups your D holds is just for ego, so I don’t recommend getting too worked up about it. War defense is somewhat more important, but if you aren’t in an alliance that has its stuff together then it doesn’t much matter how good your war D is either! Having said all that, here are some thoughts on your actual questions…

You don’t need a healer on your raid D. If one fits, that’s fine, but I wouldn’t sacrifice power just for healing. As for your specific lineup, I don’t like healers sitting in the wings unless they are going to bring heroes back from the dead, so I’d drop Rigard for Kage. Since Kage’s job is to hit the enemy really hard early and often you want him in a flank spot, not the wing.

If you want to run Justice as your tank then that’s fine, but she isn’t ideal outside of that role, and you definitely don’t want her in the wing. Since she would plunder emblems from Frida, who is more generally useful, I’d max Joon ASAP and install him in the wing, next to Kage.

The rest of your lineup is fine for the time being, and I would think you would have no problem filling all your chests in Diamond, but ultimately you can improve it a bit down the road. Azlar will hold his spot ok for now, but he’s the next candidate for replacement, in my eyes.

You have two great red heroes in Grazul and Black Knight. Grazul is a monster of a support hero on offense, but I find her more of an annoyance on defense than anything else. Black Knight shines on defense and is the best pure red tank out there, in my opinion, and from what I can tell he is pretty handy on offense as well with his mega team attack buff. Each hero is worth ascending, but each has an emblem problem. I generally like to focus my emblems on my D team, leaning toward my war team if I have to choose, but I think Rigard is a hugely useful hero and I really wouldn’t want to strip him for Grazul if I didn’t have to. Black Knight competes with Kage for emblems, and you don’t want to have multiple heroes of the same class on you defense if you can avoid it (assuming you have finite emblems, that is). So what are you to do? I think that for defense you are probably better off with a Black Knight without emblems at tank or in the Azlar flank spot next to Frida and focusing your barbarian emblems on Kage. another long term option would be to max Sartana if you don’t have another wizard of higher value and pump her up for the Kage spot so BK can maximize his emblems, but Kage is really strong and it would take a whole lot of wizard emblems to make Sartana definitively better. All that being said, if you are tight on rings (as most of us are!) I don’t know if maxing Black Knight over Grazul is the right or wrong choice, but you only asked about your defense team!

Hope some of my ramblings help!

What is your alliance tank color?

Thanks for your time and thoughts. I have been leaning toward BK but my lack of healers made me question that. Appreciate the emblem discussion as well. Of course scarcity of rings is a prob, have 7 now, but time will help I hope…

Our alliance runs Blue tanks. Frida is really my only choice for now. Have a Miki and a Thorne eternally at 1/1

I would go Joon, Kageburado, Black Knight, Frida, Lianna.

Sure, it would be nice to have a healer, but I wouldn’t exchange Kage and BK for Rigard or Grazul. BK is definitely more problematic (for your opponent) than Grazul in defense.

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Agree with bo above and just swap BK & Frida for wars

Means you have two barbarians, but they are both so good, it’s worth it


Is it okay for war defense?

Joon - Kage - BN - Frida - Lianna

2 barbarians …

Just realize that Black Knight is Barbarian :sweat_smile:

Thanks everyone for the advice. You all are awesome. I’m gonna start working on BK and Lianna to get them up to speed. I may play around with healers in war particularly for Field aid wars or not.

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