Help on building relevant war teams

Hi there,

I would like to have the community feedback on what kind of relevant team I can assemble with my roster depending on the war bonus.
I have already tried many, I did some good on Rush attack, Undead horde and Arrow Barrage but I’m really destroyed with every choice I make for War Equalizer and not so good with Attack Boost.

Here is my roster:
And I also have Peppermint full leveled and emblemed!

So if some of you could propose some team build I would be grateful and happy to try them!

For the record I think I’m going with this for the incoming war:


For Equaliser this team is too much dependent on status effects. I would suggest replacing Obakan with Viscaro and Zircon with Athena or Skadi to have more firepower. Alby is also worth giving a chance, rezzers are much more valuable in war def than in raids/tourneys.
If you have a second levelled mana/magic troop in yellow, you may try to set yellow heroes on both flanks, for example Rhys on left and Kara, Wolfgang or Zhang Fei on right (not on Equaliser however, they are all dependent on status).
For Attack Boost you need survivability and strong hitters. So probably Alby, Rhys, cObakan, cAthena and Zagrog, Khagan or cMarjana. Or experimentally cAthena, Rhys, cObakan, Wolfgang, El Naddaha.

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And don’t think so much about Equaliser wars, this format is giving biggest advantage to attacker, so most defences will not hold ground - best are defences based on minions and fiends, but you don’t have heroes for that.

Yeah, for war equaliser I tend to look more at heavy hitters and fiend summoners. If you’re using Purple tanks then I would go with Viscaro Flanked by Papyros and El Naddaha. Maybe Athena & Hypnos on the wings (Hypnos gives me sooo much trouble regardless of the war type…)

To be honest, whatever you try, it will get beaten at some point so try not to sweat it too much.

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

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I assume you are talking about a defense team? the plural in the title made me think attack teams, but anyway. Let´s assume defense.

Does it have to be a purple tank or can it be blue or purple or is it free?

So let´s assume purple tanks:

For equalizer and Rush: Viscaro would be my pick, the other types Ursena (Max her costume!): The problem with this choice is the missing LBs on your best def/tank choices.
So maybe go for Doc Moreau outside Rush/Equalizer? You could try Konshu for Equalizer? Not sure that´ll work though…

Blue: Tethys, Skadi Flank for minion wars.
Green: Nad
Red: Hypnos (the charge mechanic isn´t ideal, but he´s probably still better than Marj? Place him in Flank)
Yellow is the one where you actually have options: Rhys (if you want a healer), Wolfgang is my personal fav, neither of the two is good in wing or equalizer. Zhang Fei is good for equalizer and wings.

So for equalizer: Tethys-Hypnos-Viscaro-Nad-Zhang


Oh the team I was showing was my defense for the incoming war wich I presume will be Attack Boost!

And well I don’t really have other troops leveled enough for putting 2 heroes of the same colour…it’s in progress but it’s slooooowwww.

Anyway thanks for those advices already and yes Equaliser wars are horrible but I see some heroes (that I don’t have :sweat_smile: ) doing great!

Well, I don’t think so. I like equaliser wars as I have usually all 6 attacks successful :wink:
My defence also usually fails there (my only viable purple tank is cMarie Therese, and on Eq she is much worse than Obakan), but the attacks I can see, failing def I don’t :wink:

Yes sorry if it wasn’t clear enough, but I was indeed talking about Defense team.
And again sorry for the lack of information, we are indeed playing in purple tank!
For the minion type heroes I now have a Peppermint who can do great for what your saying I assume (and he took the last LB material I had, so Viscaro isn’t going to be LB for some time now)

And it’s funny you mention Hypnos cause in all the defense where I put him in, it was quite the bad result and I think the charge mechanic only work great for tank, but it’s just my guess tho…

I’ll try those advice anyway and I’ll see then if it works!


I also feel that AI does not know how to make good use of charge mechanics. And it does not depend on position.

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You can take this heroes… always check attackers (not buffers) they must be not less than 3 in team( strong damage prefferable) p.s for Fast battle mode

I usually select those heroes for rush attack yes! But Viscaro would need to be full emblemed and LB to be really efficient and I’ve chosen to put my faith in Peppermint, he is average but I’ll try him on the next rush war with great hopes!
Except that I put Athena for blue because of the defence down and the synergy with Alberich for mana increase.

I would replace Zircon with Thetis and Zagrog with Hypnos or c.Marjana.

Happy gaming

@Gimliv hey, oh alright, I thought Rhys was not enough for a proper survival. And I also thought Zircon would give more benefit to the team with the attack boost bonus?

Our defense should hit fast and heavy, two healers are to passive. Rhys is very good he discourages yellow stacks against your purple tank.
Thetis is your best blue damage dealer, try it.

Happy gaming

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Sorry I missed the mention of Peppermint: Go for that one. Probably in all war types except Rush. The speed is better than Viscaro and the hit-all makes him much more useful than a sniper, while he has better stats than Ursena.
Of course LB him as soon as you can and you have a decent allround tank! Of course you can still use him on offense, too!

As to Hypnos: Charge on defense sucks, because you depend on RNG. But your alternatives are not great, so I personally would take the gamble. The only alternative you have is CMarjana, and her EDD is completely useless on def, so you only get the hit. It´s an OK option, since she is at least fast speed. So if you don´t like Hypnos, try her. I probably would put her on wing and move Nad up higher (since she´s much better).
As to why Flank is better for Hypnos: The problem with charge is the chance to pick the slower charges, it´s not a problem if they pick the fast one. And the problem of slower charges can be mitigated by placing them higher on the lineup. Tank is definitely best, but since you can´t have a red tank, flank is the best you can do. It´s at least OK for the first 2 charges I would say and only the 3rd charge is a problem on flank, so you got a 66% chance of an OK result.

I’ve decided to go with that team then:

As for the tank I think the counter attack of Obakan benefits more to the team (because of the attack boost bonus?) than Peppermint who offer no buff at all, plus the little amount of mana he gives combine with the small mana boost of Rhys aswell.
But I’m still hesitating to be honest :sweat_smile:

As for Hypnos I agree with all that you said, and flank seems a good position to benefits from the small mana from Obakan again.

Marjana is great though, I’m even still thinking of using her without her costume in war equalizer for exemple for the burn dots damage combine with Peppermint poison dots!

Is that C2 Obakan? the pic nearly looks like C2, but you don´t have C2 bonus, so I assumed it was C1 (which is rather low on the totem pole)! If this is C2 then you 1. Need to max the costume bonus and 2. Absolutely use him as a tank! Much better than Peppermint! in all except equalizer.

It’s weird, when I click on “infos” to see the team it does appear like the pic above but when I click on “modify” it does appear like this

I hope it work with the X2 costume bonus…
I have as you can see maxed the C2 and the 1st one is in progress (it is quite the long journey to level up 3 heroes at the same time :sweat_smile: ) and yes he is great and I agree he will fit better than Peppermint in many wars except equalizer yes.

The “in progess” part explains it. It should change as soon as you upgrade the other costume. Luckily costumes go rather quick in comparison, so it shouldn´t be too long.
Of course heroplan doesn´t have C2s yet at all, so you´ll not be able to see it there, but in game you´ll get a new icon for double costume bonus.

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so this team
has taken 4 attacks and only 1 OS, that’s really good, looking forward for the next round on wednesday :innocent: