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Hello All,
Been struggling in recent wars. Especially against purple tanks. Looking for advice on building teams and having a discussion about them. Below is my roster, and my proposed teams. Obviously some flexibility is needed once a war is going on but I want to try planning more.


Go with mono or 4-1 (strong color 3/2 is also fine) until you have a bit more depth in 5*s, 2-2-1 is difficult to pull off regularly vs the types of defenses that you’re up against while bringing so many 4 stars and 3/70 to the table.

With 15 max 5*, depth is ok.

Has your purple tank problem been with wars vs alliances running all purple tanks, or is it just Kunchen?

Mainly problems with Kunchen, can one shot 2/4 attempts it seems.

Teams should be read left to right. There are only 3/2, 4/1, or 5/0 teams.

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That makes way more sense. haha. With that known, I’d switch out Wilbur for scarlett, you don’t need the extra tile and that team is far too squishy (especially after defense down)… Wilbur will help you counter that. Also, I generally prefer my strong color teams to have an off color healer (if strong is showing up, you don’t need the healer as much, if it isn’t, that’s when you need heal)… So first team, remove viv, add jackal, remove marj, add bold kind of stuff.

Teams I’d use

Joon/drake - Jackal - Pos - GM - Bold
Zim - Falcon - Marj - Wilbur - Zo
Eve - Greg - Hansel - Pro - Rigard/kunchen (would also try mono with buddy and mel)
Alice - Frida - Ariel - Mis - North
Kage - Panther - Ursena - Merlin - Kunchen/rigard
Last team I’d use best of your holy.

I don’t know… something like this, but I’d have to actually use the teams to find out what I liked and didn’t. Aegir deserves a place in here though, he’s a solid counter to kunchen as well.

Started war with three one shots against purple tanks. So that’s pretty great
Hits used
Evelynn-Alice-MN-Misandra- Greg

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What alliance are you in? I would guess top 100 based on your advice.

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Thanks, but no, more like top 1500 haha.

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