Help me . Where to spend?

Hello folks. I have around us$35 to spend.
I have already all the good epics so im aiming to get some 5☆. My weak 5☆ colour is green with only one 5☆ (elkanen) and lots of shields and tonics to spend.

These are my 5☆

I was thinking about waiting to the next month to do pulls.
Next month HOTM looks nice to me and i will be glad if i pull her.

What i initially think is to buy TOL big offer.
That would give me a x30 pull. More chances to pull Glenda and the possibility of getting an old hotm, maybe a green one. Although my top pull would be the good blues Miki or Frida.

Another option is to buy the small offers through the month. Maybe Atlantis, Teltoc, costume chamber and Valhalla ones. But this wont give me as many pulls as tol offer.

Any thoughts? I dont think that Halloween portal is worth enough because the low odds. I will only be pulling here with my saved coins

If you want “new heroes now” spend on gems deals and draw at the portals where you have the fewer heroes (3* and 4* included), otherwise you can go with the highest return and buy some V.I.P. pass and Valor Pass and draw with coins from their respective portals while holding your x30 summons to draw when a good HOTM and portal allignes.

Your best bet would still be to reach the Hero Academy and get a Lianna for free but it requires a very long time to do.

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I forgot to add SIF to the holy crew! Lol i cant manage well heroplan yet sorry


Hey there,

The better portals to pull in seem to be Atlantis or Valhalla, those heroes are very good but no guarantees!

The current Event Summons has been nice, I pulled 4* Gretel earlier today, I’ve been looking for her for a while.

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I have already got two top atlantis 5☆ and some Valhalla 5☆. Sadly none of them are green heroes where i lack.

I have already got gretel and hansel too(maxed and emblemed). So the 4☆ are not that appeling to me right now. Only Jackal next teltoc.

The epics and rare heroes

Im still thinking about TOL…

The fight would be between getting individual pulls(through the month purchasing small offers and POV) or maximize the chances in TOL with a x30 pull. I already got a bad experience when tol launched but now it was modified in beta with a chance for the HOTM and better odds

Be patient with spending and you can stretch it out. Only buy gems when they’re 1/2 off. In USD that means $.005 each.

200 gems for $1 x 5 in this current challenge and you get 1000 gems for $5.

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