Where to make a 30-pull

I have saved enough gems to make a 30 pull. Where would be the best place to spend it? Valhalla or atlantis?


  1. I am looking for holy and dark 5* heroes
  2. I have all of s2 3* and 4* but just the early s3 3s and a few s3 4

On the Atlantis side, you could get:
Yellow: poseidon, inari
Purple: mok-arr, ursena

On the Valhalla side, you could get
Yellow: Norns, Sif
Purple: Alfrike, Freya

I think Valhalla has better offerings.

It may be worth taking into account how many S2 vs S3 heroes you already have.

For example, I have 1 S2 5, and 5 S3 5’s…I’d pull from Atlantis, to avoid getting dupes, and chance for former HOTM.

Good luck on your 30, wherever it happens!


I have 2 s2 5* heroes, kageburado and tarlak.
I have 3 s3 5* heroes… all friggin fenris. This makes me doubt my luck at s3… dont want to get another fenris… haha.


There’s much worse you could do for duplicate 5*s than Fenrir honestly :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I would wait for Ursena to be featured again in Atlantis. She completely shuts down yellow skills, no other dark hero does that as well as her.


Try Pirates of Corellia, maybe you will get Sargasso and/or Marie-Thérèse. Or wait for the Jabberwok and the White Rabbit in Alice in september.
But Ursena in Atlantis is a must-have in my opinion.


I looked at the event history, and it looks like Atlantis and Pirates are both coming up:

  1. Atlantis will feature Ursena and Khiona (along with Grazul and Inari).
  2. Pirates is after that, with Sargasso and Marie-Therese.

So it is looking like Atlantis is a good portal to try a 30 pull if you are hoping for a dark 5* hero.

Ursena obviously being the jackpot, but Khiona would be great too honestly. I have her and I think she’s very underrated both offensively and defensively.

Now for holy heroes, the featured guesses all seem to say you’ll have to be patient. Aside from Inari next month, Poseidon is going to be featured in November. No new Holy costumes have been released so that portal is out until they do. For S3, you’ll have to wait until either Thor or Odin are featured (probably not until October earliest, basing on guesses).


@DaveCozy Hit the nail on the head here:

That’s your best bet for quality yellows and purples.


Ursena and khiona look great. I do hope my luck holds up in getting features heroes.


I put my vote on Atlantis over the s3 pulls. You can still get Valhalla coins and do summons there easier than at Atlantis, (unless you haven’t finished season 2 yet) I think you also have a wider range of heroes you can get and Ursena is an AMAZING dark hero. I have her and use her in most of my fights and on defense.

And I know a few have mentioned the Pirates Event summons because of the heroes they offer, but remember the pulls there are pretty low if that is tempting you at all.

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If you can be patient there are some really good 5* Vahalla heros coming down the pike towards the end of the year (Odin, Thor, Loki). I like the 3* better in Vahalla, 4* better in Atlantis (Wilbur, Proteus) and the 5* can be argued either way.


I already have 2 copies each of wilbur and proteus. I use both of them a lot. Which also made me ask my op question since i only have mireweave and sumle of the s3 4*. That being said, my 4* roster is pretty decent, i have maxed the vanilla ones and most of the useful s2 ones. Not ure if getting more 4* heroes right now (lets face it, this is all i am getting right?) will be worth it.

Haha!! On point for this one…

I have a similar dilemma to OP. I have no S2 5* heroes yet, but I have 4 S3 5* heroes (actually 5 if you count a dupe Ratatoskr). I’m thinking of pulling for Ursena and Grazul this coming Atlantis, but I also want a chance at Finley and Kestrel during Pirates. I’ll probably only have enough gems for 20-30 pull so I’m not sure if I should go all in on Atlantis or try my luck for Pirates. I’ve done 47 pulls last Atlantis and like 30+ pulls during the Atlantis prior to that without getting any S2 5*'s so you can say I’m more than disillusioned…

What I do is pull with coins first, see how I feel with what I get. Then decide on whether to go for gems or not.

I feel that too, at this point all I want from Atlantis is Proteus. I have all the other 4* except him and Agwe :stuck_out_tongue:

I"ll probably only have ~2-3 Atlantis coin pulls by the time next Atlantis rolls around. The worst feeling is saving up for a 30 pull only to get no new heroes. I have all Atlantis 3* and 4* heroes (including 3 proteus) but still freakin’ no 5*s

Remember HOTM too if you want to increase your odds. September and October are holy and dark respectively.

Valhalla is not finished yet. There are still interesting heroes to come. Maybe you can keep waiting and collecting.

I saw your post too late. Thanks for mentioning me. :crazy_face: