Help me ! i dont know who ascend

Hello guys i have only two compasses so i can only ascend two heroes.

Maxed ones , some with talents .

Sonya , Hu tao, Sabina and Gormek.

In his 4th ascencion

Kashhrek, Rigard and boldtusk.

At 3/60.

Grimm, Tiburtus, Li xiu, little John , Colen and Melendor .

At 1/1 or first ascencion

2° colen , 2 grimm, gobbler, ameona, Tritón, 2 Sonya , 2 hu tao.

I have pleny 3 maxed and Joon at 3/10 , Grazul 3/30 and Grimble at 1/1.

So considering my roster what two héroes to Ascend?
I think a Green (little John ) is kind of mandatory what do you think?

I would say:

  1. GRIMM
  2. Li Xiu
  3. Little John

I wouldn’t prioritize LJ personally…

You’re lacking in the hard sniper department and with Boldtusk on the way to max, I’d consider Triton - he gives you some flexibility (fire BT first if you’re rolling strong and boost Tritons hit… Or fire Triton first and boost BT’s heal).

Personally I’d do Triton.
Normally I’d say Grimm but it’s early days and you don’t need two ramming pulverisers just yet…


To be honest though…
Max the ones already on tier 4 and see what you have available when you’re ready to start on new projects.

Don’t fall into the common trap of starting on new hero’s before you finish what you’re working on.

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Grimm was the one I would’ve passed on for now (even though he’s the best of the ones sat at 3/60)… Normally I’d be all over him, but I wouldn’t necessarily rush into a second RP when building a new bench.

Wasn’t suggesting doing Grimm #2.

Just finish off the first one to 4/70 from 3/60

Yea that’s what I meant… If Gormek wasn’t already done I’d be with you 100%, but I don’t personally consider two ramming pulverisers a priority right now.

IMHO, Grimm is much much better a damage down than Gormek.

Also, there’s no reason they have to both be used at the same time, and when they are the damage dealt is staggering.

Fire Boldtusk first, then Gormek and then Grimm and most targets will be dead…

True… I’ve done it both ways on my main and side accounts, I wouldn’t prioritize having both RP early on, but that’s me…

Fair enough :slight_smile:

I personally think Grimm is the best of those options. He’s got much bigger damage output than the others :stuck_out_tongue:


Aye… LJ has some decent output too, but I just don’t like slow speed glass cannons.

In fairness I think OP has covered his bases well so far - dispel, cleanse, defence down (albeit if choosing between Gormek/Grimm/Tibs all at 3.69, it’d be Grimm for me)…
What’s missing is a sniper, and I love the flexibility Triton gives, so even from 1/1 he’d be my priority.

With three already ascended and needing finishing (Kashh, BT, Rigard) I’d finish those off first and then look at whether to take one from 3.60 or 1.1

Even if it’s a bit focused on one colour, doing Grimm AND Triton wouldn’t be the worst plan (if possible on the capes), sets up a useful theesome for 3-2 raid attacks…

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Grimm is the right choice here. He’s the best of the pulverizers and will serve against red titans pretty much forever.

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I have recently finished some heroes and i will start with boldtusk and Rigard as soon as i ascend this two new ones .

I think i will go with little John because i regret for ascending kashhrek.

Then im doubting between triton or Grimm

The thing with triton is that i have only a dispeller and this is sonya so i dont want to disgregate her from the team .

With Grimm the team Will be

Sonya Rigard Boldtusk little John Grimm

Once you’ve got more than one per colour, it’s about choosing the right tool for the job… You don’t stick to one team only (and anyway, Sabina can do the dispel when Sonya isn’t on the team).

That’s not to say you have to always run one of each colour - sometimes it makes sense to, sometimes it makes absolutely zero sense to.

Kashhrek would do great as a defence tank… Not much else, but now you’ve ascended him it makes no sense to not finish him.

You don’t have to work on lots at the same time, focusing on 2 or 3 will get them done faster - it depends whether you want to prioritize rainbow feeding or getting a couple of hero’s ready faster.

LJ is such a mixed bag… He hits like a truck, but slow mana on fragile hero’s means you’re really gambling as to whether you get them to fire at all. Maps and events you can manage that with items, but raiding it’s a real gamble.

Up to you, really, but LJ to me is a luxury for later down the line… At this stage, I’d want hero’s that can do everything well.

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In my honest opinion, after you finish off the heroes you already have on 4th ascension, I would max out Grimm and Little John.
After that, if you need a healer for one of your six war teams, max out Melendor.
But if you don’t need any more healers then go with Li Xiu.
Good luck

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Grimm, tibs, and triton get my vote.

AFTER your fourth ascension heroes are finished, like @JGE mentioned.

You know? I wouldn’t necessarily rush using the compasses. Personally, I would focus hard on Uncommon/Common Dark hero training and start feeding Grimble hard and give one of the compasses to him to ascend to the third tier. Grimble will be far more valuable in the long term than any of the 4-star heroes you have.

If what you have shared is your complete list of 4-star and 5-star heroes, I would consider saving the other compass for a Nature or Ice hero. You could dish to Little John or Grimm, but compasses can be hard to come by, especially for newer players. For that reason, I would consider holding out for Gobbler with your other compass. Gobbler when fully maxed, I believe, is more terrifying than Little John, but that’s just from my experience.

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Grimble? Gobbler? Are you being mean here, or have I missed something?

Little John is and always a good green to have but a green healer with debuffs is better. :+1::sunglasses:

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No. He doesn’t have a 5-star Dark hero even remotely started toward ascension. Sabina is probably the best 4-star Dark hero in the game. I would put her over Rigard. @TheWizard already mentioned having a maxed Sabina, so I believe there is an opportunity to pause on leveling Rigard and turn attention to Grimble.

And yes, Gobbler, offensively as an attacker is the strongest of all of the 4-star Nature heroes mentioned. However, Melendor may be an option to add a healer in an element other than Dark. Also, I agree with @BubblesUK about Kashhrek. Kash at defensive tank will save Lexxtaarc from being taken down in wars and raids as often, So I would push Nature feeding to Kashhrek before turning attention elsewhere. But Gobbler does far more damage than Little John to all enemies, and mana generation I believe is slightly faster.

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Well, that’s refreshing, because people (including me) tend to think “Gobbler = bad” and not think it any further than that, and of course the jury is out on Grimble but seems to be heading towards a “meh” consensus. (I’m quite pleased to see some support for Grimble for a change, as I pulled him on Christmas Day and don’t like people p’ing on my chips.) I adore Rigard, hardly go anywhere without him, but have to agree that if Sabina is already levelled you wouldn’t need to rush to add a second purple healer.

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