Dum dum dum... another hero to ascend!

Hello ladies and fellas,

I’m building up heroes for war (I’m talking about 4s) and I would like some advices from you to do next.

Here’s the line up - star means they are fully ascended, italic who I need/want to ascend - :


Boldtusk*, Wilbur*, Colen*, Gormek*, Scarlett, Kelile, Sumitomo


Kiril*, Triton*, Sonya, Grimm, Boril


Kashrekk*, Hansel*, Caedmon*, Gadeirus*, Melendor, Little John


Rigard*, Sabina*, Proteus*, Tiburtus, Cyprian, Rigard


Wu Kong*, Li Xiu*, Hu Tao*, Gretel, Chao, Danzaburo

In general, do you think the order is correct?
As my next project will be a purple, would you go with Tiburtus first or Cyprian?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Would be my next choices

So very close to where you are at


I put Grimm after Sonya because the idea would be to raise Tiburtus, so I would already have two defense droppers… and I always like having dispellers in the team

totally agree

You already have two ascended dispellers in Caedmon and Sabina which means Sonya can go to back of the line.

Grimm is one of the best fours in the game, but needs final ascension and emblems to be at his best. My +18 Grimm is an absolute blue raid staple for me. Sonya is much more situational


I’ll take that under consideration.

About Grimm’s emblems: I have currently 7-8 emblems on Gormek, but I’m really disappointed by him, even with focus on defense/life he still seems squishy to me and offensively (besides his special) he’s bad.

Nonetheless, I wanted to leave them to him, otherwise he would suck even worse and put the others (I think I have the equivalent for another 7-8 emblems) to Gretel.

Would it be better to take Gormek’s emblem and put them to Grimm and give the others to Gretel, or give everything to Grimm?

Last question, which path you chose for Grimm?

I had emblems on Gormek and took them off him. He’s just meh.

I put Grimm on a mixed path, mostly made him last longer than hit harder. My 1 2 3 punch is Frida then Grimm then Lepus, so I want him to survive to participate in that carnage


Gormek is just a meat shield and red def down if u don’t have Wilbur. In terms of titans as well as wars, Grimm is very much an important hero for red titans as he also contributes to tile damage (assuming you don’t have athena or isarnia in ur roster)

Grimm >> Sonya

  • Scarlett
  • Grimm
  • Tiburtus
  • Little John
  • Gretel

And if i have to give priority, Scarlett and Grimm before anyone else.

As other said, you already have 2 dispellers and 3 healers, so i don’t really see the urge to upgrade the others soon after.

Grimm and Scarlett are heroes people keep using a lot even with many legendaries, and talented they are really beasts.

Having all the defence reducer is always handy and you have a deck strong enough to not rely on riposte.

I like Little John a lot and i really think people still underate him. You can choose Melendor as you have already Hansel and they kinda work against each other, your choice.

Gretel hands down is the more useful.
Much more then Hu tao.


Well, you convinced me, Grimm (emblemed) will be the next blue to be ascended.

But next to work on will be Tiburtus, as purple is my weak color at the moment. (I now I mentioned two maxed blues, but I have also King Arthur maxed, Aegir and Thorne at 3/70 who serve me well)

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Thirded. If you decide on Melendor, that puts Sonya even further back in line.

I like going into raids with two healers on each attack, so having a wider range of support is my priority. I’m leveling a third Kiril after fully ascending a second one for that very reason, so having a Melendor in green is going to give you a solid support structure for green stacks.

That said, I can see an argument for Little John given you already have two healers in green. The only problem is they’re both neighbor healers only which limits their effectiveness. Either choice would be fine there.

All the other colors seem more obvious.

I do exclusively powerleveling and do one hero at time, with time everyone in that list will be maxed. I usually do red, blue, green, purple, yellow and then start over.

Now it’s Tibs time, also because as said purple it’s my weakest color (especially for Titans… having two healers in the team it’s not very useful). I can postpone Gretel, as I also have Poseidon maxed and Leonidas at 3/70, and once Tibs is finished, move on with Scarlett or Grimm.

For what regards Little John: I’ll think about that. I never considered him too much, as when I faced him it never was a big problem BUT since I maxed Colen and learnt how to use him effectively, I re-evalueted slow heroes (and LJ has a similar setup as Colen). Also, I have plenty of healers and mana control is always nice.

I always found it funny how people value Grimm over Gormek… A pulverizer’s role, imho, is not to inflict damage, but to lower the enemy’s defense, so that the damage dealers will be more efficient. Now, in order to do that, they need to survive long enough to cast at average speed… regardless of his high attack stats, Grimm is squishy as a jelly fish… he rarely survives long enough to cast… on the other hand, I’ve had lots of fights where Gormek was, literally, the last man standing. There is no use for pulverizers in diamond. They are just not efficient enough. But medium to high platinum is their hunting grounds, so if you hang around there, I’d ascend them. Except for Tibs. I know, first hand, Cyprian is far more useful. Cyprian has won countless raids for me and also killed many event bosses.

Here’s why Gormek > Grimm

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My experience with Gormek is totally different… even emblemed, it was always one of the first to go down. That’s because of his lower than average stats, besides life. But it’s useless to have so much life if even a fart would take off a big chunk of it (excuse my french).

I am ascending 4s to have depth in war… for what regards raids, my defense team is the following: Poseidon, Zimkhita, King Arthur, Evelyn, Seshat (all maxed). It keeps me between 2400-2500 cups over night, so I’m happy for the moment.

After I finished the 4s and a couple of 3s rainbow teams, I will work on my benched 5s. But that will be a totally different story and there will be a specific topic for it :smile:

Well, Gormek might have a low defense, but it’s still higher than Grimm’s (565 > 531), as for HP, they’re not even in the same league ( 1430 > 1132). It’s been a while since, but I’ve used Gormek quite a lot back in the days and was not disappointed by him. Actually he is a perfect flank for Cyprian. Low defense and high HP mean lots of riposte damage. Overall, I find Gormek a lot better at his job than Grimm. Well, Grimm does have the scary looks and the abs…

As for war 4*, Cyprian could be useful, in a Sabina / Gormek / Cyprian / Boldtusk / Proteus formation. Very efficient against yellow tanks. The battles might tend to go on forever, due to lake of fire power, but they are very efficient at surviving and making the enemy kill himself.

Gormek was my first 4*, and I had similar experiences to @Ian487 . he was often last man standing and helped me win many raids. He deserves emblems, especially if OP will use him for war.

Yeah, Gormek’s def/life statistics are better then Grimm’s. But as said, for what is my personal experience, I don’t like him. I hope with Grimm will be better… he’s definitely squishy, but at least he can pack a punch.
I think you’re right though, Gormek in combination with a riposter could be quite interesting. I never used a riposter until this point, so I’m curios about them. As always, it’s a matter of understanding who works well with who, and there are many possible combinations.

I also agree that sometimes common opinion does not reflect personal perception: for example, Elkanen is not very well considered… surely he may be better, but I always had an hard time against him and I think one day I will fully ascend him.

Gormek would also be very useful in a Red stack. imagine the 1-2-3 punch with Boldy, Colen or Scarlett. Wilbur is better immediately, but you might have Wars where you will need to stack Red more than once. Gormek comes in useful there. or even outside a Red stack, Gormek combines well with our average / slow mana damage dealers too.

That’s one of the reasons why I want a large deck: variety. When I’ll have it, I will also be able to test different combinations.

There are very few heroes who are really bad or too specialised (and in my opinion, most are in Atlantis: Mokk-Arr, Agwe, Gobbler…), most considered average or worse just need the right team set up.

Red i will opt for Sumitomo… When he is fully leveled he is challenge to kill and good on the wing.

Blue I will say consider Boril… Especially when you are going against stronger teams in wars where his repost creates more damage.

Green, definitely Meleondor. You always need an extra healer and debuffer in war. In addition he gives very good tile damage.

Yellow, Chao is a specialist but will combine well with other mana controllers. I don’t know Gretel well enough to say Chao is better. Chao is fast and won me some battles. Better on offense than defense.

I will say with purple and in a war context Tib slightly outweigh Cyprian in advantages.