Building Defensive Team

Hey, lately I found myself in a situation, where I totally don’t know how my defensive team should look like. What to put in it? I have following heroes so far:

Dark - 4/70 Rigard, 3/20 Obakan and 2 more not leveled Rigards,
Holy - 3/60 Wukong, 3/70 Leonidas,
Nature - 4/70 Kasshrek, 1/40 Evelyn,
Ice - 4/70 Sonia,
Fire - 3/60 Boldtusk, 3/60 Scarlett, 2/60 Zimkitha, and not leveled Scarlett, Kelile,

I dont mind having 2 or even 3 heroes of the same color in my team, I’m open for all propositions.

(For now my team is: Boldtusk, Wukong, Leonidas, Sonya, Rigard)

(Wu Kong / Boldtusk) | Rigard | Kashrek | Leonidas | Sonya

Thats what I would do with yout current levels. Kashrek is the tankiest you have for now, until Leo ascends. Wu and Boldtusk are interchangable. If you go with Boldtusk you could also switch Sonya and Boldtusks placements to split up healer placement.

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Thank you so much, I’ll try to run this team and see if this works. ^^

You can also try

Leo Rigard Kash Boldie Sonya

I always struggle hard, if two healers are flanked aside of Kash.

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What you think about Obakan? I can make him 3/70 just like Leo soon.

He is okay… he has low defence and high health, which complement his counter stance (more damage taken = more damage countered). This can particularly be helpful against some yellow titans.

In raids though, I find his stats can also put him in trouble more often than not. I would not go for him until you have al the mats for 4th ascencion

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I just got mats for Boldtusk and I ascended him, so my team looks like you said higher:
Sonya, Rigard, Kasshrek, Leo, Boldtusk.
Thanks so much for your help. ^^


Please PM me.

a couple things i noticed when reading this thread. When i was new to the game, and as much as i like numbers, one way i learned to evaluate ‘tankiness’ is by a simple formula… 2 X Def + HP = whatever bc honestly, while I agree that Kash is the best tank of that bunch, you could theoretically use BT, Rigard, or Sonya (maxed, of course) as well.

One more thing…As soon as Leo is sufficiently leveled, use only him and drop Wu (hes not very good on def) and try to run your best 5, one of each color. That will take 1 less tool out of an attackers toolbox eg doubling dark and not bringing the color that corresponds to the one ur missing. Happy hunting :sunglasses:

PS also, stick BT is the far left position so other heroes can take advantage of his heal/buff before they, in turn, fire…the AI fires left-to-right

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