A little help for my defense team

Ok here is my current defense team,but I just maxed out Kiril.i heard allot of good stuff about him on defense. But if I put him on the defense team that pretty much gives me 3 healers on the team. With only tiburtus and hu Tao to strike. Is it a dumb move.Screenshot_20190830-213855|230x500 move to take Sonya out and put Kiril in. Not really sure how to use him best.

For a few months, I had Kiril on the left wing with Kash as tank. They worked wonders together. You could try a couple of things.

Kiril, Tibs, Kash, Hu Tao, Sonya in that order, as you want Kirils special to fire off before your hitters.

Tibs Kiril Kash Sonya Hu Tao. This surrounds Kash (green) with the color that is strong against red. And Sonya’s debuff would go off before Hu Tao strikes.

I don’t know which will work better, but part of the fun is experimenting.

thank you very much for the reply, i will give it a shot

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