Onyx, C domitia or Grimble

I just got onyx and now in a dilemma. Was going to give tabards to my C domitia actually. Who should I give tabards now? I’ll throw in grimble as an alternate option.

Who to give tabards to
  • Onyx (strong debuffer)
  • C domitia (strong costume and poison)
  • Grimble (for minion support)

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I have all 3, Onyx is at 18 nodes. Grimble has no emblems and cDomitia is at 3-70 so I guess that answers the question :blush:

Onyx is great and is the only hero I have that I actually worry about getting nerfed

Cut and paste from another thread

  • He dispels and is a Ranger so can bypass too
  • Like all ninjas, his first charge is 2.5 ghosted tiles. When raiding, he’s deadly fast when there are gaps in the defense. What his first charge lacks in the damage, he makes up in frequency. I usually raid 3-1-1 red, but when finishing off an opponent, I find myself more often looking for purple tiles instead of red ones.
  • He prevents status buffs, and is very useful against the currently trendy BK and Krampus taunt tanks

Of course, with the new Double and Reverse Double formations, he only needs 2 charges (10 tiles) to hit all and neutralize the Sif tank


I am shocked that this is even considered a dilemma. What has the world come to? I blame this on the Velluria nerfing :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I want to believe my heroes are all self aware of my existence, as I’ve already reserved the tabards for my domitia. She’s crying to me, it’s not fair that this guy arrives
It’s also a no brainer for me come to think of it. Even if I max domitia, she’s in a lot of competition with all my rogues for emblems. As for my Ranger, it is mostly free, and my baldur won’t be getting the emblems now. Sad for him too

I am about to commit sacrilege here, but I just want to point out there’s no law that says you have to level the best available hero. If Domitia makes you happy then no-one can stop you going for her. It’s also possible for a “lesser” hero to have better synergy with your existing team than the newest shiny one.

I’m not trying to persuade you not to level the ninja, mind you. A way out of the painful dilemma is the classic getting them both to 3.70 and playing around with them for a while. You might (to be fair, you probably will) find Onyx is just too good/too much fun to pass up, in which case promise Domitia faithfully that she can have the following set of tabards. I’m sure she’ll forgive you.

Baldur is tough enough without emblems IMO. I don’t have him, but he’s annoying as something you’re not allowed to say on this forum when I meet one. Maybe throw him a line or two just to give the special a chance to kick in?

If I never used my bards on myztero, I wouldn’t have to be in this dilemma in the first place. There can only be either onyx or C Dom. I’ve always loved grimble for his ultility so he’s definitely getting the bards but he’s not of priority. I have only bards for 1.5 dark heroes now and looking at the polls here, the landslide vote is onyx. So I’ve made up my mind. Onyx/grimble/c domitia

It has to be done. I’ve got a bit of a purple dilemma going on at the moment involving Grimble… there’s also Alfrike and Kageburado in the mix. Alfrike’s going first just because. I’m probably crazy but I think Grimble’s getting maxed before Kage because minions. And because the goat is so funny. But to be fair, goat boy is actually pretty usable at 3.70.

My Domitia is sitting at 2.60, and will not see fourth ascension unless and until I get her costume or a ludicrous glut of tabards, tomes and d blades.

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In case you need more convincing, he can do this :yum:

Onyx and he wins by a mile. His buff blocking turns dangerous tanks like Black Knight/Krampus into a dud, the dispel and decent damage is just icing on top of the already really sweet cake.

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