Killhare Position on Defense

Would Killhare be better as a Flank or a Wing, especially under various War Rules? I’ve been trying both setups below in normal Raids for a couple of weeks now and both seem to hold cups overnight equally well.

Right now I think Killhare Wing is best for Arrows, and maybe Flank is better for Attack Boost. Still undecided about Field Aid.

Appreciate any thoughts. :+1:


I prefer the 2nd one but would swap Killhare and Joon.


Thanks for the feedback, and yes indeed their positions should be swapped. :grin:

EDIT: Forgot I put her there in the first place to maximize chances that JF’s buff is up before she fires.

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Ideally, slower speed heroes should be closer in to the centre of a defence team; so Killhare being average would (ideally) be at Flank.

HOWEVER, due to her awesomeness she works well in the wing position also… Most of the top top tier alliances aim to field either Her or Jabberwock in the Right Wing position, which should give an idea of her effectivness there in that position :slight_smile:


But she only sits on the right wing cause of Finley which most of the top alliances can field multiple times. Otherwise it makes sense to me to hit all first and then snipe.


My point was more to do with her being frequently used in the wing position, and capable of being an alternate for Jabberwock… And being preferential to the many other purple snipers, some of whom are very fast and more of whom are fast mana speed.

Wasn’t being specific about the wing position. Just the efficacy.


Thanks. Yeah she’s usually in wing because they usually have GTV or something in the frontline. I’ve only got JF and Vela doesnt quite have the defensive oomph she used to have.

Your first point about Ave. Speed was why I considered Killhare in Flank in the first place. :grin:


Killhare’s true position will typically be dictated by the rest of your heroes and where THEY are best suited. i.e. JF and Vela are are true flank heroes so that forces her to remain on the wings. If you were running two VF heroes then she’d probably suited as one of your flanks with the second VF hero on wing.

Seeing how specials are fired from left to right, you ALMOST always want to have her fire last after all other specials that will usually maximize her damage (i.e. Finley as LW) or you can boost her mana (i.e. Alby or Misandra) or help suppress her innate defense down to the rest of the defense (i.e. Grazul as LF)… Which is why you’ll usually see Killhare as RW as most often that’s her optimal position.

Your second defense seems to be the best setup. Id keep Joon on LW in case there’s someone with riposte, he’d likely die anyway but he may take the hero out reducing the damage to Killhare, it might just make a difference… Just food for thought… :smiley:


Thank you very much for the detailed feedback.

If Kill-her is on flank, I often lose the battle, if she’s on wing I almost ever will have the time to charge my damage dealers to take her out or Wilby will be active to stand her attack.


Problem with her being on the flank is that it opens the door for yellow attacking teams.

Yellow is poor at dealing with debuffs and buffs and therefore is in a disadvantage against TVG.


That’s one thing I noticed when raiding against her. At Wing you have a little time to prepare; at Flank not so much. I kinda think the defense punishes bad boards more with a KH flank. Hence my little dilemma. LOL.

Edit: If I had more punishing flanks I would be perfectly happy to leave her at Wing. But I’ve had little to no trouble dealing with JF and the latest iteration of Vela when raiding.


Placed her on right flank and right wing for some time. My defence did better with her on flank. The difference was not huge but noticable.

Team is Alasie, BK, Tellu, Killhare, Drake.


Não posso opinar quanto onde colocaria mas enfrentei killhare como wing e da trabalho.

This hero hits to hard. No matter where you place her is the same ! She needs a nerf !

I have similliar case… I will follow your trials…
My defense change frequently… I also have Vela and no GM.

Current defense setup:
Seshat+18 - JF - Telly+17 - Killhare+4 - Joon-C+18
(around 2600 cups)


I ran her at flank and wing. I found I held cups better with her at flank. Mainly ran Drake, Vela, Heimdall, Killhare, and Gravemaker. Wanted to try swapping out Vela for Master Lepus but never got around to moving the emblems before I decided to quit.


Yep, same theory on Finley for me. He is WAY more difficult on the flank, especially considering a lot of red heroes (which you bring against Telly) give you a buff. I hope people don’t realize this and keep him on the wings!

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