Defense team/leveling advice

Hello, I’d like a bit of advice on my heroes. Currently running Chao+3, Kiril+9, BT+6, Jackohare+6, and Sonya+6 as my defensive team (in that order). My heroes are:

Red: BT+6 (costume is 4-1, currently leveling), Sumle maxed, dupe BT and Sumle unleveled.

Blue: Sonya+6 (costume is 2-1), Kiril+9 (costume is 4-30, currently leveling), dupe Kiril and Sonya unleveled.

Green: Jackohare+6, Gadeirus 3-60, Caedmon 2-1 (+costume, currently leveling both him and costume), unleveled Skittles +costume, Kashh + costume, Little John, Atomos (5 tonics).

Yellow: Chao+3, Li Xui 3-60, Malosi 3-30 (currently leveling to 3-70, have 5 darts).

Purple: Rigard 3-60, Sabina 3-60, Stonecleave 3-60, Kageburado 2-60 (2 tabards as of today), Cyprian 1-1, dupe Kage.

Have 19 maxed 3*s as well.

I’m just finishing up Kiril costume, I’m thinking of using regular Boldtusk + costume Kiril together if that’s not too healer heavy, but not sure which as tank. I just finally got my 4th trap tool, and while Rigard is my best Purple 4*, I’m very healer heavy. I may still max him now anyways. Caedmon and costume take priority for me for greens I think, but afterwards perhaps Atomos? He could be my eventual tank, all my 5s are barbs which is awkward to say the least. Thanks for any input.

Bump, think I could get any advice?

Seems like you already have a clear path for leveling.

Red: Finish BT Costume, then 2nd BT (he’s great!)
Blue: Finish Kiril Costume, then Sonya Costume
Green: Caedmon + C, then Little John. Skittles and Kash aren’t great.
Yellow: Keep trucking on Malosi
Purple: Def. max Rigard right away, and don’t look back. He’s one of the best.

My suggestion for your best defense (once costumes are maxed):

Jack O’Hare - BT (w/out costume) - Kiril (w/ costume) - Sumle - Chao

Costumed Kiril is almost comparable to Kunchen - he’ll do excellent things for you as tank.

If your enemy stacks green to counter your tank, they’ll have a tough time with BT and Sumle.

I’ve seen many situations where someone had a GREAT defense team, but their roster was not deep enough to stack 3-2 when attacking in raids, and that made it more difficult to fill raid chests. You should be able to hold 1800 pretty easily, but if you notice that it’s holding much higher than 2000, you may want to consider nerfing your defense until your attack roster catches up.

Costume Kiril in all his glory for reference:

Added benefit of your average mana speed 4’s w/ costumes…they only need a little push from a mana troop (level 5) and they fire in 9 tiles.

I would focus on

Atomos… he’s a green beast and certainly better than the Jack bunny.
Li Xiu… her mana reduction can drive people crazy.
Rigard… in my opinion, the best 4* healer.
Kageburado… He’s fast and deadly, especially with emblems.

Appreciate all the advice! I’ve been lucky so far to get 3 colors of mana troops (been playing 4 months), but not either blue or red for boldtusk/kiril haha. Right now I’m fluctuating between 1800-2k cups, so you’re right on the money there, and can fill platinum chests pretty consistently.

Would you prefer a maxed Chao on the wing over a 3-70 Malosi? I probably can fully ascend him soon, and I do realize he’s not optimal on defense, but Chao isn’t too hot either. Hadn’t really even considered maxing a 5*, but have gotten multiple mats recently it seems. (except purple of course)

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I think Malosi will serve you on defense as well or better than Chao, even at 3-70.

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