Hel or Santana- do I replace Proteus?

I’ve got Poseidon, Proteus and Aerial in my main line-up (which gives me a defence bonus).
I only need 1 more telescope to ascend Aerial but I also have Alasie ready to ascend.

I’ve got just enough Tabards to Ascend either Hel or Sartana. Not sure what to do…

Should I max Hel and swap out Proteus?
Also have enough potions to fully ascend a green hero but only have Elkanen ready. Ive recently pulled Lianna should I start building her up or wait for a different hero (as Alasie will be my Archer)

Lianna is very good even without emblems, and definetly better than Elk.

Hel is better than Proteus, she have higher stats, can survive longer and deal high dmg.

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Other snipers can replace Sartana.

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