Ascend 2nd Hel or another Purple?

Hi E&P Players,

I finally got enough tabbards to advance another purple. I am not sure which one to advance. I already have a Max Hel at 4/80, below are the options:

  1. Hel 3/70
  2. Sartana 3/70
  3. Ursena 3/70 (I have Max Ariel, 3/70 Poseidon, Atomos 1/1)

Which one you think I should max first? I’ve seen some videos on 2 max Hels being OP at offensive raids. But I also see great teams with Sartana and Ursena.

Thanks all!

What do you intend to use for?

  • Province (map)
  • Raids (defense)
  • Raids (Offense)
  • Raid Tournament
  • Events
  • Titans
  • Wars
  • all of the above?

Not every hero is good at everything…What do you need this purple to do for you?



I guess I am trying to ascend the hero that can be utilized the most.

Definitely not province (map) since I already have my event team.

If I have to pick, it’d be raids defense, offense and tournament and wars.

Let’s look at them. (I apologize i have an old pic of Hel—doesn’t show class info):

Ursena has the hardest atk (not counting special) and the highest def. Lowest HP though. I like her anti-holy special for yellow titans.

I treat Hel and Sartana as snipers, with Sartana doing additional dmg, and Hel stopping mana gain.

If it were me, i would add a new, different hero to my maxed cards first, but a double Hel could be hell on your opponents! :grin:


I was faced with the same choice recently… I decided to max Ursena for my raid tank and something a bit different, also fed her emblems where as sart and hel both competed with my first Hel (and others). I do like Ursena but Hel is a better overall attacker and more reliable … the max that made the most sense for the way I stack was sartana (which kage and panther in a 3/2), but with Ses coming up soon, I felt I’d hold off on a dark sniper until I found out if I got her or not. If you mono, all of them are great, if you’re more a 3/2 kind of attacker, I think a second Hel is best. Not an easy choice, good luck.

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This is a good problem to have lol :smiley:

Like Rook, I personally prefer to get some variety first. I just never know what kind of crazy heroes they’re going to come up and release in the future :smiley:

The one I’d go with in your situation is Sartana. She charges Deathstrike faster than Hel’s Crush, and deals devastating damage to a single target. I can foresee some situations where that may be more useful; for e.g. taking out a dangerous target faster, rather than possibly having to wait one more turn for Hel’s skill to charge. It also depends on what purple mana 4* troops you have too, but with me having none that would make a difference.

I like the variety, too, and I like Ursena most for her attack stat and unique special (plus I desperately lack good sorcerers). Unless you need a fast sniper, then maybe look at Sartana. While she doesn’t hit as hard as Joon or Lianna, her DOT has saved me against Revive heroes many times.

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Thanks all. I am going to ascend Ursena because I already have Ariel and Poseidon. The +10% def should be interesting. Also pairing it with Wilbur should do some serious damage to the opponent.

I’d go with Ursena, then second Hel and then Sartana.

I’d go with Ursena, together with Ariel and Poseiden on defense I believe they gain additional 10% defense family bonus.

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