Health or Defence, which one should be boosted by emblems?

Hi everyone! Emblems are crucial items in the game and need to be spent wisely. If you have a hero in your defence team who you need it to stay alive longer (i.e. utility heroes), which way is the best way to use emblems: 1- Increase his/her Health, 2-Increase his/her Defence?

My common rule, is always Defense over health since Defense is a multiplier…meaning heroes have specials that increase heroes Defense by a percentage, but there aren’t force multipliers for health (Magni, Freya, Viv, etc). There are individual scenarios where I will choose health, like if I want a minion heroes health higher because it directly attributes to the minions health. With most heroes its usually a case by case basis though.

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For me , after reemblemed for two times same hero…is a little more survive when use def vs go…why a little, cause some of the path I used is def and hp together…my two cents…prooved with Tritón…

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