General advise on using emblems (atk vs. def vs. HP)?

Hi everyone,

Is there something like a general guideline for the use of emblems? I mean if you should, in general, favor attack, defense or HP nodes.

To me it seems to be the most “natural” thing to do, if I increase the strong stats of heroes even more.
For snipers like Magni, I would increase the attack stat as much as possible. It’s his job to do as much burst damage as possible to quickly remove an enemy hero, so I think attack is most important for him.
For Cyprian I would go for HP, so that he can take more hits and make the most damage with his riposte skill.

But for other heroes I’m not so sure. Tiburtus for example: I want to use him against yellow Titans to lower their defense. Attack would increase purple tile damage a bit, but isn’t survivability more important?
What about high attack healers like Melendor? Would you increase the already strong attack or make him tougher?

Is there a general consensus in the playerbase about which path is the best for the various hero types? Like “ramming pulverizer -> attack path” or “always defense no matter which hero” or something like this?

I think the use of emblems is based on individual preference. To take your example of Tiburtus:
I still have to use him on yellow Titans since I don’t have Panther (that cat seems to ignore me whenever I call her during my pulls). And since I’m hitting 12* Titans he gets easily oneshot. If I was going to use my emblems on him, I would go for the defensive nodes all the way. The defensive debuff won’t be affected on any node, and for tile damage I color stack with other purples + Tarlak. So i would go for survivability there.
But Arthur for example, his defense stats are decent and his special already boosts the special skill defense, so I would take the attack route for him.

Priority is to correct your heroes weekness, for example if you use Melendor, ill up his def and hp a bit, his attack is good enough.

For Joon, ill go atk so i can oneshot heroes in raids.

There is no right answer - be it enhancing their strengths or correcting a weakness. My answer is boost them in the way you use them. I only use Tiburtus in titans and war attack, so for me, titans = tile damage so I’ll boost attack where prudent. Same thing with Grimm, Jackal, and other glass cannons. HP & attack there, the defense is so low correcting it just isn’t worthwhile to me in how I use them. Plus with Rogues, the evade makes it a bit easier to stick with attack.

I’d actually go defense/health for Magni to better his chances of actually firing. I think I’d go for whichever stat balances the hero out the best for me.

I’ll wait until I know exactly what is going on with the emblem situation. Patience is your biggest friend in this game!

This is wise advice, however, for me there are certain heroes I just use so much (and they are mostly 4*) that I am starting because of the impact they have now for me (in terms of improving things):

Ares & Rigard - everywhere (including war defense)
Jackal - purple titans, raid attack, events
Grimm - Red titans, events, maybe raid attack and titans where I use Isarnia now when he is a bit stronger

The other 6 classes I am unsure as I have choices to make between a couple of 4* and a 4* or 5*.

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