How should I emblem Kunchen?

Hey, folks. So as we know, Kunchen’s general defense cannot be lowered (frickin’ awesome, right?) So I’m wondering, as I emblem him up, should I not worry about defense and focus on health? Or go ahead and ramp up defense all the more? Or a balance? I know that DOT is an issue no matter how much defense one has. He’s got plenty of HP as it is, though.

At the moment I’ve got him at node 4, having gone down the left side for defense and health. Now I must choose between attack+defense or health+attack.

What are your thoughts?

edit to clarify: His attack of course ain’t all that; I’ll only take attack when I have to. The question is overall about defense vs health.

If he is your tank go for:
If he isn’t your tank choose the same way


I have him at 4 nodes too. I think he already has a ton of vitality so it’s not a priority for Kunchen. A bit more life doesn’t help much against burns or other DOT effects imo.

I’d ramp up his defense even more to make him even tankier. After node +4 I’ll go for attack and defense.

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My basic philosophy is to prioritize attack on anyone who’s primary job is to deal damage (e.g. Gravemaker, Joon, Elkanen, Azlar, etc.). I avoid attack options on defensive or utility heroes (Kunchen, Delilah, Tarlak, Queen of Hearts, etc.). Usually defense is a better option than health, except on certain heroes who have very high base defense like Falcon or Ranvir.


def + health
all the way
up to the max
and mana boost

He simply doesn’t need att.
He needs to be sturdy as a rock and faster as a turtle.

I have him on +5, use him often on raids attacks so I want his attack a bit up to lend a little bit to tile damage , so I plan on keeping right… all he way along the grid until +15 (@bt node 6 I guess) when I will switch left and then back right.

Thanks, y’all. Another thought which occurred to me is in Wars, where health is a factor in how many points the opposing alliance gets in beating your team. So in general I’ll give defense priority, then health.

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