Emblematic problem

I was on a thread earlier and I cannot for the life of me remember which one it was but there was a post about emblems and which side do you choose. It had a calculation in there for 1.5 defense equals health or something like that and I was wondering what rule of thumb the consensus was on that. Again I know this is in here somewhere but I can’t find it. Point me in the right direction please. Thanks in advance

There isn’t a consensus yet.

Most people go offence on all but healers and ultra defensive heroes. This makes sense for rainbow teams and colour stacking up to 3/2

I go defence on all but pure snipers. This makes more sense for mono teams (where you really don’t need to boost tile damage much).

A good example of the disagreement is Grimm. I went defence/health with him to keep him alive on my strike teams. I need his enemy debuff more than a few percent more tile damage. He can survive a Lianna hit now. HE’s not tough, but he survives over 70 per cent of my blue strikes, and my win percentage vs. top diamond teams is around 88-90 per cent.

Others go pure strike with him to maximize his offence. But he then still dies fast, but hits hard.

A lot of the choice comes down to your play style and strike tactics. And where the hero will be used.

I think, obviously, a defensive tank will go defence. A flank or wing… well, what’s their role on your defence?

All those questions have to be answered first.

Or just go middle of the road and know you may not be optimal, but you will not be far off.

Because of how damage calculation works, 1 Defense is roughly equal to 2 HP in terms of the survivability of a Hero.

As it turns out, the Talent Grid is designed with that premise in mind — you’ll notice that the standard HP and Defense Nodes have a 2:1 ratio.


Is it this thread you are looking for?

It’s not, but that’s really good information. I also appreciate @Halifax and @zephyr1’s posts too. Y’all have helped me out! Thanks!

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