Healing heroes - Is Boldtusk still good?

I’ve been using Boldtusk as my healer for many months, and several times, have been told or heard that Boldtusk is an awful healer, and a hero that many players dislike, in general? Which healer is the best? And Why does Boldtusk have such a bad reputation?

I don’t think he is a bad healer. He is considered as one of best 4*.
In terms of healing I would go with Ariel or Ratatoskr, maybe Toxicandra but all of them are 5*.
In 4* heroes for me it’s Rigard.

Simply boldtusk heals less than other ones as hp% but he is absolutely not a bad hero.
At example, I love him more at the moment because I have ascended Noor and Boldtusk+Noor gives a good survivability.

Alone could lack some healing in long fights.
Here the differences between a pure healer and boldtusk (look at the special)

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You can increase his healing with his costume so he is felxible and fits to the role you need.


I have him in a flank spot, as I’ve heard that you should never put healers and/or slow heroes on the ends?! What do you think?

Between the 4* healers, I usually go with Rigard in both versions or Kirill. I use Boldtusk just with my mono red team. He isn’t a bad healer, but I don’t like him so much.

Regarding 5* healers, I’ve got some of them, but the one I use the most is Grazul, as she fits in my main team pretty well. Maybe she doesn’t heal so much, but the protection she offers against the uncleansable ailments is unpayable.

Depends on your league. In Platin this might work but entering Diamond the battle is usually already decided when healers on the wings go off…just too late most of the time to make an effort.

I had Sabina in that spot and Li Xiu at tank. It worked up to ~2200 cups.

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No, IMO in general Boldtusk is like a 5* heroes (or 4.5), just like Rigard, both comparable with 5* heroes, with or without costume bonus.
I use Boldtusk, he is the best red healer (2nd after Garnet), and Rigard the best purple healer from all 5* heroes available right now, and Kiril, but best blue healer is Ariel, Kiril is 2nd best blue healer.

So, IMO best red healer is in order Garnet, Boldtusk.CB, Puss in Boots, Grazul, Anzogh, Red Hood, Shale (super slow).


He is so awful that most top tier players have at least 1 with 20 emblems. Ignore the naysayers.


It depends on your playstyle as well. If you are more geared towards offense, boldtusk is really good. If you’re stressed out by the onslaught of ailments, rigard would be good for you.
I play offensively and cannot stand defensive heroes because they’re just slow and passive. which is why I refused to dart my vivica to this day, and I never felt the need to use regular rigard as well. Even Boldtusk gets more usage from me

Boldtusk was fun. I technically used him more than Kiril if I could. I think he was even my raid defense tank for the longest time. Admittedly, yeah, he doesn’t heal a lot compared to the other 4* healers (Rigard, Sabina, Kiril, Melendor, Kashhrek even though he’s only splash healing), but I think him having the highest S1 attack buff (48% compared to Kiril’s 34%).

If you have his costume, the healing is pushed up to 30% at the cost of attack buff reduced also to 30%. I mostly leveled the costume for the bonus, but if time and resources are there, I could level and max a second Boldtusk for funsies.

Essentially, all of the 4* healers have their purposes and most of the time, you could shuffle between them when you do things like mono teams or stacking or bouncing between situations where healing is the secondary trait to worry about for your planning teams through the stages. (e.g. using Sabina to debuff a holy enemy’s buffs, using Kiril’s defense buff while fighting a strong fire boss)

I would actually put Grazul ahead of BT just for that ailment block, which is extremely useful in the current meta. So BT would be 3rd in line after Garnet and Grazul. Surprisingly enough I actually sorta like Anzogh even though I don’t have him, an attacker who also heals a % of damage dealt is kinda interesting IMO, plus his passive resists mana slow so doubleplusgood.

cRigard is best purple healer except in rush where Kunchen dominates bar none. And to be fair there is a serious lack of good 5* purple healers - Kunchen and Marie-Therese are slow so normally half a step too late (and M-T is a 5* event hero so extremely hard to pull). Aeron is essentially made irrelevant by cRigard, and Zulag is :rofl:.

The funny thing is, I have Ariel at 3/70, and actually have no plans of ascending her since I like my cKiril+19 so much. 4/80 Ariel without emblems is actually a bit squishier than my cKiril+19, and I absolutely do not have anymore cleric emblems to spare since all of my 4* clerics are vital either in war or tourneys (2x Mist+18, 2x Hansel+18, 1x cRigs+19, 2x cRigs+11, 2x cRigs+6). This isn’t to say I don’t think Ariel is good (she is verily), just for my particular roster I feel my scopes are better saved for someone else (Skadi maybe, or some other S4 hero).


I have 2 maxed Boldtusk with maxed costume bonus each at least at +18. A third one is standingby at 3/60, which will be ascended soon.

Currently, I am using him more than my maxed Grazul, who was only valuable to me during the heydays of GTV. As a mono-user, I play aggressive and he is the right hero for the job due to his high attack buff. Graz is somewhat played defensively as you want to eliminate status ailments to your heroes.

Back then, before I played this game in 2018, I’ve heard and read somewhere here that he was made as tank. Rightfully so. He heals, buffs attacks and is beefy for a 4* hero.

The beauty with Boldtusk as healer is that he is sturdy. My BT with MCB highly emblemed is at 894 defense stat. That is insanely high, rivaling some of the 5* heroes. Such high defense ensures that he is sturdy enough for him to fire several times for the needed saving heal plus the attack buff.

And what’s more, he is a fighter class. That means that he has a chance to revive at 1 HP, which, if at full mana, may cast his healing skill. This forum is not bereft of complaints questioning the odds of him reviving several times in succession. You may want to read that thread.


Dude, you have the costume!! That will take him (costumed to 37% heal at the expense of some of the attack buff, down to 30%). He is wicked isn’t he for a 4 star??

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Absolutely yes!! He is a must have in this game! 20 angry tusks!


Boldtusk is an absolute yes for me.
I use him on my mono red team and he has saved my butt plenty of times from healing and reviving.

I know his 27% heal isn’t amazing, or the best but it’s still a decent amount. I prefer not to use his costume because it’s monk and it doesn’t save me and my team the way how him as regular fighter does. HE has been killed many times, but revived, then I have healed him and my team and won. Combined with being fighter, i think the 27% heal is really good (and of course the attack boost)


My war and red raid team. BT is key with his attack up. He is a great healer and buffer.

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Don’t forget that regular Boldtusk is a Fighter-class hero, so he has the chance to revive whenever he is killed in battle. I have already many moments when my Boldtusk +20 would revive from being hit by a sniper, and with full mana, I just have him cast it to heal himself and buff the whole team. He was also my raid defence tank for quite a while until I have acquired 5* heroes. :grinning:

As my further testament to Boldtusk’s awesomeness, I also built a second copy of him. I use the costumed side for this second one.

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Apart from Vivica I don’t have a 5* healer. So Boldtusk is still a choice. I mainly use him in my red mono attack team (even in diamond) on the wing because of his attack buff, together with Wilbur to support Azlar and Elena. But first choice 4* healers are Rigard and Melendor, both costumed.

Sadly, while Rigard was still common, ‘circumstance’ prevented from participating in not just 1 but maybe 2 costume events and by the next time they had just piled it up with trash. Bane, Belith, Brienne, Boril, BoldTusk and Tiburtus; rinse and repeat. Some lucky people get a flock of Hawkmoons and a metric ton of Friars too.

TL/DR Do not have costume Rigard

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