Have Class Skills ever been useful in any of your Raids/Titan fights/whatever?

Not for me.
Currently, I spent some Emblems on the following Heroes:
1st account: Rudolph (Fighter), Balthazar (Wizard), Bane (Monk), Azar (Barbarian), Gunnar (Paladin), Layla (Rogue) and Shaarkot (Sorcerer).
2nd account: Layla (Rogue), Needler (Ranger), Toril (Barbarian)

And yet, for my experience, they might as well not exist. Maybe it’s because I’m facing stronger and stronger enemies, but my point is, Class Skills as for now feel underpowered overall.

Readers beware, this is my angriest post here as of yet.

My personal experience with Class Skills
  • Rudolph came back to life? 97% of the time, he doesn’t have enough mana to fire his Special, and then he gets killed the next turn.
  • Balthazar can deal extra damage? Not only it NEVER triggered while using its Special, I don’t remember winning once with this Skill. That, and he often dies shortly afterwards.
  • Bane can cancel debuffs? Meh, he generally dies not long after.
  • The Barbarians’ Wound deals way too little damage to even matter.
  • Gunnar can increase his Defense? Pointless if the enemy don’t even target him in the first place. Also, 2 turns is waaaay too short of a duration.
  • Layla can dodge offensive skills? Well, OK, that’s ONE Skill that helped me, at least against Titans.
  • The Sorcerer’s Delay seems to only last one turn, if any.
  • I’ve yet to trigger the Ranger’s Pierce Skill.
    I never got any Druid better than Jenneh, but the summoned Companion is laughably weak.
    I doubt I’ve seen any Cleric with Manashield, but it sounds very situational for me.

I’d honestly save all tokens for 4/5* heroes. I wouldn’t use a single more on 3*s.

You’ll have a bunch saved by the time you have them.

Also, they do make quite a difference from what I’ve seen. They’re all passive and add to the total stats you already have. The class effect stacks up as you get down in the tiers too.

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Yes, they are very helpful. Pierce for rangers is awesome against Guin (give it to Tibs) and the shield on Richard is huge. Some are kind of lame, for sure, but others are pretty sweet. A 4 blue stack with Grimm Wound gives 40 to 60 damage per turn.

The best one I’ve seen so far was in a war. One of our players took out an opponent just before his team was killed. He actually thought he defeated them, only to discover Colen revived and was left with ONE point on him.

After many chuckles we soon realized that we’d have to burn a flag just to finish that team :zipper_mouth_face:


Evade (Khiona), Mana shield (Rigard), and Withstand (Joon) have all been helpful in raids thus far.

Wound (Grimm), Revive (BT), Shield (Sonya), and Companion (Caedmon) have all been useful in farming and wars.

Yes, I have one specific case when the class skill was straight game winning. Bad board, I lost 3 heroes, including Delilah who then revived. I charged her up, in the meantime my Drake’s blind made the opposite Joon miss his special on that 1 hp Delilah. Then I could use her heal and pulled off an otherwise impossible win

I have BT with just the first level talent who has twice revived during a raid with full mana … seriously awesome :smiley: I also have seen my monk activate on a number of useful occations, I’ve been less excited by the others (haven’t used some yet, waiting on leveling) But the stat bonuses alone are worth going for imo :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve had talents affect raids a number of times. I haven’t used any of mine yet, so I’m strictly speaking of when I’m attacking and the defender has a talent.

  • Colen revives, fires special, I am sad.
  • Druid minions up, and the minion absorbs just enough that I can’t kill them with my special(s), meaning my next match is aimed at them instead of moving on to another enemy / ghosting.
  • Rogue tank dodges my special, I don’t knock them out at the expected time.

Those were all fairly substantial effects. I can’t remember if any of them cost me a raid. I have seen other stuff proc, including mana shield, wound, and delay. So far those have been minor factors in my encounters.

Keep in mind that, at best, everyone’s heroes will not yet be very fair along the talent grid. So the proc chances are low; you WOULD expect it to come up in very few battles right now (though when it does, the effect can still be significant).

Tiburtus (archer) is my Guenievre killer, only purple archer( 4*/5*).
Khiona (rogue) can be a saver pretty useful
Ares (Paladin) just perfect class for this Hero. Only red Paladin (4*/5*).
Joon (Monk) should be useful.
Melendor (Druid) perfect for this hero with his lack of def and hp.

My Magni revived with 1 hp and he was full mana, I healed him with Rigard fired off his special then charged him up again a second time and killed the last hero. Without that revive I would have had two kill two heroes with just Rigard so revive saved the day.

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Once, my Khiona got saved by her dodge ability. Dodged Lianna attack (satisfying). Without that, it would be harder to get my victory. But it was so great

Lemme start by saying on my main account only my 4* or better get emblems.

For fun though, I started an alt and intended to max some 2* heroes. Oddly, it was pretty easy because there’s a small helpful bug that I haven’t reported yet for newer players. It’s really obvious if you start an alt and unlock class skills, so I won’t divulge here.

Anyway, once you get revive to a high enough %, it’s pretty awesome to revive 3 or 4 times in a row. The others are neat, but it’s definitely a thing you appreciate more the further up (down) the talent grid you go. Just like leveling anything. It’s a slow progression, but fun to see, and eventually pretty powerful. I look forward to one day maxing something on my main account.

My Guardian Jackal has evaded numerous times in raid and titans allowing me to fire his special.

Boldtusk saved the battle during a war twice!! He was killed right when mana filled up, revived, healed everyone and gave the attack boost for the win!

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