Oh man same class!

I can’t understand why same class all this very speed heros ???

Just because of that!
It would be 2fast2furious heroes together


I need 3 years to complete the talents for the three heroes, or maybe more. The problem is that I use them on the defense team!

The reason they put certain very desirable heroes in the same class is precisely that. It’s game balance. If you want to use them all, you have to split your emblems


I use GM and kage in defense too(don’t have better options) but stopped GM at +18 and kage slowly growing…
As 1st path of Valor was barb emblems he’s at +9 but now need 118 more emblems to next lvl… But I have time… Maybe I get another great purple to replace him… (could be Jabby but he just ran away last event)


But I suggest that every hero have two options for talent, or what do you think?

No, that completely defeats the purpose. The idea of all these fast hitters having the same class is precisely to avoid that you can easily have all of them at +19 in your team.


I was doing the same thing until Malossi came :sweat_smile:

As much as I liked the idea it would unbalance the game wayyy far

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Well, lucky you, the only barbarian hero I have is Grimm and he’s basically useless. I’m hoping to get Malosi, so I can dump all my emblems on him and even that will probably not happen.

Gacha, am I right?

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I would advise against using Malosi on Defense.


I think you are the only person I’ve ever seen call Grimm useless. He’s the hardest hitter among the pulverizer triplets, and one of the best 4* out there in any color.


I know your pain. My only real tank is Richard and last week I pulled Queen of Hearts. They are both paladins and I do not know what to do. Keep Richard +8 and all the next give to her or transfer all to the new right flank star.

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Yes and the fastest, eh, “die-r”… And with all the new AI tweaks, he gets killed off first. I need Grimm alive long enough to hit the kind of tanks I’m hitting now!!!

And Scarlett too for the Rouge class, so I have no problem stripping her off emblems to give to Marjana when fully leveled.

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It’s just because they all live in Barbaria, Claris and Telly live in Paladinistan, Vela and Zimi in Druidia.

I’d recommend to spread emblems to at least two of each ‘country’.

It’s a grind to strip and reassign over say +10 each time your ally decides for a new tank color.


I hope someone can help me: anybody knows how much health a companion has (druid minion)?

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