Emblems and attack strategy

Emblems and their class talents have created another layer of attack strategy. Deciding where to focus tile damage or special attacks is impacted by the class talent.

The most straight forward example being, rogues and snipers. Nothing worse than a rogue effortlessly evading your sniper’s kill shot. Better to kill them with tile damage.

Then there are fighters. You can kill them with tile damage, but risk charging their special and then they revive and their special fires. Better to kill them with direct damage specials so if they revive, at least their special isn’t charged.

Or clerics. You’re banking on stalling the heal with hel or proteus, but mana shield has another idea.

Some classes don’t effect attack strategy at all, like druids.

With 5 star defense teams getting to the point that these class talents activate increasingly often, knowing the class of the defense heroes you’re attacking is gonna be important for a success.

Anyone notice other ways class talents impact attack strategy?

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Well you also have to be wary of firing certain specials at monks since they can resist status ailments. Besides that you have everything else pretty much covered. At this point I pretty much have most hero’s classes and their talents memorized since.

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Yeah monk is a good one. I’ve had them block out a Morgan special. That stings. I’ve memorized the most common ones at least but I still have the occasional brain fart.

How about the paladin tank. You bring a mono, set up a match for the strong tiles. But the defense special activated and you don’t get the one shot