Do Titan parts drop from escaped Titans?


I did search and found no mention of this. Just curious, it could affect an organized Alliance’s approach on deciding when to start using them especially if you just went up a Titan level.



Gah! I searched on ‘harpoon escaped’. If I had left off the last ‘d’ it would have come up.

Thank you.


If the Titan escapes… but just 2 or 3 harpoones were used… not the minimum asked (11)… does it drop parts?

As far as i’m aware you have to reach the minimum required number of harpoons used to get the parts.

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You need to reach the first tier for harpoons, then even if it escapes you’ll get some parts.
We are getting 5-6 parts from 11* and 6-7 for 12* if killed, 1-3 parts if they escape.


NO, it DOES NOT drop titan parts when escaped, even it says it does on the official support web site of the game ( “When enough Giant Harpoons are used on a Titan, it will cause Titan Parts to be dropped, even if the Titan escapes.” This sentence is misleading and not true. Totally unprofessional by SGG.
Only few of the alliance members got one 1* part, but vast majority did not got any.
The information on the official support website is completely misleading and should be corrected to “drop very reduced amount of titan parts to some of the alliance members when escaped”.

Here you go, I have fired two harpoons in this one and this is what I got:

That’s interesting. I know I’ve gotten titan parts on escapes.

I’d submit a support ticket.

I did, but do not put my hopes high on the response…

If you pay attention thats reduced loot tier…
thats because probably because:
A- killed a titan last 20 hrs in another alliance
B- jo8ned the alliance after the titan spawned…

You can click ? Near the reduced loot tier to see which was the motive.

Players with reduced loot tier will never get titan parts even if the titan is defeated! @PasasHill

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Some debate about that…

I left my alliance for a few minutes to help other alliance with their titan and returned, but other alliance members that didn`t get parts did not do that.

@zephyr1 I got a question. Is there an official statement how the titan parts are reduced when titan escaped with an sufficient amount of harpoons used?
Or is it just related to this?