Hannah or Ursena?

Ursena would have to grab from SE. Hannah have now.

  • Ursena
  • Hannah

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Depends of what do you have but I would pick Hanna

2k Sorcerer emblems (no 5s) and have to reset for Hannah

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I would definitely go with Hannah.
Just my honest opinion.
She’s one tough gal.

Thanks Hannah is my inkling too. I was ready to grab Ursena from SE before she popped out today. Only hesitation is I have over 2k sorcerer emblems, no 5* sorcerer, and every 3*/4* sorcerer maxed!! Druid I have plenty of other options and would need to strip some LB’d 4s like Pig/cMelanor to make up.

I’ll add option for both maybe. Edit: Can’t edit anymore.

I think Hannah is better on both offense and Defense. That said, reflect is a handy skill to have,

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Ursena is nice to have but unless your drowning in sorcerer blems, Hannah has the updated stats to stand up these days. If you had ursena’s costume the conversation would be different. I stripped ursena about a year ago and never use her now. Hannah on the other hand I use often. Hope that helps.

Honestly out of those two heroes (I would max both) I would focus on Hannah first 100%.
But whichever hero you choose good luck

Hannah - affects everyone equally., More versatile. Ursena’s reflect is great, potent against Yellows, but her special is a bit meh against everyone else.