Hannah or Malicna?

Hi everyone, just a quick one … Hannah or Malicna??
Either seems fine but I can only level 1.
Anyone have experience with them and could steer me in the right direction.

Cheers or any assistance.

Hanna is an 8+ hero, I would level her and not look back.

To paraphrase some players, definitely Malicna if you have Xnophold :smiley: But more to the point, Malicna’s main advantage over Hannah is the elemental link, adding mana to other dark heroes. So if you plan to use her in dark stacks, she might help more.

For general purposes I would say Hannah though, as she is fast and has the fiends that give attack down.

I’d go Hannah. I could reconsider if you need defense down for your titan team.

I have both (Hannah +20, Malicna +9) and the answer will partly depend on the following

  • Do you raid rainbow or stacked/mono?
  • Who are your other Dark heroes?
  • How many cleric and druid emblems do you have?

As mentioned, Malicna’s main strength is that elemental link which gives other Dark heroes mana each round. Her special, especially the first, can also incapacitate the enemies. But she is just average speed so will need a high mana troop to get her to 9 tiles.

Hannah, on the other hand, is fast and gets 20% mana at the beginning of the fight due to her passive ability. This means that with a level 5 mana troop, she will charge in 6 tiles the first time. Her damage is lower than Malicna’s but her fiends give attack down to the enemies and are uncleansable without healing. There are many raids where that has saved my team’s heroes while waiting for other heroes to charge.

It would be great to have both in the same lineup, but if I had to choose one it would be Hannah. She just has better overall stats and with her speed, fits in most situations better than Malicna.

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