Hannah, Alfrike or Kageburado

It all seemed so simple, finish maxing Hel and then on to Alfrike. Now Hannah and Kageburado have joined the mix.

With my only maxed 5* in purple being Ursena, G. Panther and Hel, who would you recommend giving my last tabards to? (I say last as I’m about to go FTP and I think it will be a while before I get the mats for another 5* in ANY colour).

I’m active in all facets of the game but definitely need more depth in wars.

Alfrike is amazing but tbh I would probably max Hannah first, fiends are strong and she will work very well with Panther

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You do not need Alfrike having Hel. I would choose Hannah in your situation.

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My vote is for Alfrike.

She makes winning very fast tournaments and very fast wars much easier.

She also makes completing any PVE in the game incredibly easy. I also have Hel and used her for PVE, but Alfrike does this job even better.

And finally, firing her at the enemy is so satisfying.

Hannah is nice, but imho not a gamechanger. She blocks some healing, casts -20% attack and deals some damage to 3 which could be perhaps amplified a bit with Panther… but you’d still rely on charging your average cards to finish off the enemies.

Kage was a beast years ago. Still decent but I wouldn’t max him over new cards nowadays.


In your particular situation, I do see a case for Hannah, but I would still go with Alfrike. I have her at +20 and she is a game changer. Obviously, she is OP in any Very Fast war/tournament, but I use her in raids too. She is one of my favorite heroes. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Alfrike or Kage. Kage because you’re missing 5* dark sniper and he’s pretty good - I like mine more than Seshat. But he’s squishy, though the fact he fires so fast and dispels before the hit helps a lot. Alfrike because of general awesomeness. Cubes are love, cubes are life. You have G. Panther so imho no need for Hannah.

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Alfrike is THE HERO for very fast wars.

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I must admit that I enjoy raiding, I once managed to top my local leader board for a whole ten minutes :laughing:

Having recently maxed Ariel, I can imagine that mana boost pairing well with Alfrike.

Thanks to all for the advice, I think I’ll go with Alfrike and wait to see what the RNG gods bring in future.

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