Halloween still worth it?

I already have tyr and Frigg at 3/70, I only have 2 rings and 6 tonics. I’m loving the Halloween heroes, but the fear of summoning victor and already having a red and green that would be fun to ascend is a deterrent for me.

What do you all think? Still go for it?

Or should I save gems for something else?

I would save gems for Christmas if you don’t have Buddy or Mother North. I’m only using tokens for Morlovia myself.

Francine is the best one IMO but I think Frigg is the better rogue and hero.

I like better better than Francine as well. Christmas has great heroes and you’ll have to time pick up a few more MATs when December rolls around.


In my honest opinion, I would wait for the Christmas heroes.

If you don’t have any then Christmas is great for a MN a reviver. I had 30 eht and gems to do 20 pulls. I picked Halloween just for Glenda/Francine and got Francine on number 10. So I’m saving the rest of my tokens and gems for Kramp-mas. If you have Frigg/Tyr I’d say you will benefit from Krampus more he will be a great blue tank.

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Saying gems. People not tokens, I’d like some Halloween hero’s but my gems and cash saved for teltoc :+1:

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