What event to save Epic Hero Token’s for

Hey guys. I know this is planning pretty far ahead, but I’ve been recently contemplating which seasonal event to save my epic hero tokens for. At first I was going to just save them for the Halloween event but the only hero I like from that event is victor. If I were to save my tokens for the Christmas event I’d be looking at a lot more pulls for heroes like Santa, mother north and buddy. What are everyone’s thoughts on the heroes from the two events and which one will you be saving for?

I might spend 1 or 2 for Halloween, but by far the rest for XMas


Xmas is the best one by far. Buddy, Saint Nick and Mrs. North are all great. Rudolph is too although he has competition with Sq. Wabbit and Namahage as far as red 3* go.

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I pay more attention to the HOTMs in the current event rather than the event itself. If I have interest in the HOTM, I use the EHT in thet event, anyway HOTM has more chances to be summoned than a legendary seasonal hero. If October HOTM seems cool, I would do pulls here, if not, I would save them for XMas, as at least Buddy is a great 4* hero, Valeria isn’t really a priority.

October’s HOTM seems to be a great hero, so I will save EHT for that event and see what happens. I saved them for June hoping for Ranvir, but he didn’t show up :frowning: but others were lucky with 2/3 pulls going for him of for Seshat

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I was thinking about that as well. If the current beta version of Kingston remains the same, he’s going to be a must have. Tough Decisions for sure. I didn’t land any of the sand 5*’s or Seshat in 20 pulls this month. Maybe better luck in the future

I plan on a ten pull for Halloween just to try my luck. But I will be trying harder at the Christmas event. And I will certainly be saving my epic hero tokens for more chances

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