Halloween Offers (calendar)

It seems the offers are now completely different. Too bad, I was hoping for the next offer with the Royal Tabard !

Yep - after the first week’s offers being identical to last year’s, the first two days of the second week have been different.
I was hoping for a telescope today - but it didn’t happen :frowning:


I need one scope too. Hopefully they offer this week.

More emblems again … :frowning:


Are there any good offers on during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

There was a Black Friday deal last year but not a cyber Monday. See below (but note I couldn’t find images). I did find an image for a 2017 Black Friday deal.



Lets hope for 4* am item tomorrow then?

Was anyone tempted by the emblem offers? Seemed very expensive, to me.

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I don’t understand why they cut the gem amount. I learnt to never pass on the emblem offers, they are just too valuable. But the amount of gems with them is unfair.

I am still hoping for the 10 USD scope… I hope it’s still on the agenda. I am already going to let go the more expensive tabard offer, given I spent too much on the emblems already.

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I don’t think we will see the scope offer to be honest. They don’t mind us getting emblems but I’m sure they are restricting us on mats to push the new buildings and costume thing

They have offered every unfarmable in every seasonal so far – it might be part of the $99.99 package, but the scope will be offered this time too, I bet.

If we follow the pattern from Springvale and Sand Empire, it’ll be part of either the $29.99 package tomorrow, or (twice as likely) the $99.99 package two days later.

I stand corrected lol

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I have instructed my wife to divorce me immediately if I’m ever tempted to drop $100 on this game at once. Keepin’ it :100:


I have a feeling she wouldn’t need your instructions or suggestions for this. I feel she would slap you and then divorce you without needing to be told or asked lol.

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Yaaay! The scope offer.

These 1000 + 4* AM are my favourite, I could buy them all the time lol. You can have your 3 mushroom 2 Nugget 4 Bombs bundle crap; simple is beauty.

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I did this offer and used the gems for 3 pulls

I got Hu Tao (duplicate), Scarlett (my first and my second 4* red, so this is very great) and then Friar Tuck. I have not had a Friar for ages lol… BUT from a FREE summon token, I received a “Ishtaak” or however you spell his name. AND from a free normal summon I got a 3* Troop… So today was good for me technically.

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Okay, I was mistaken. Got the scope – an epic AM – on the day between the two jumbo packages. Noted.

Good news for the C2P players who really wanted that scope. :slight_smile:

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Hard to pass up a scope at that price.

SG’s response to todays offer: Hippity hoppity, your cash is now our property.

The equivalent of about $4USD for one scope seems a bit steep for me and I’m already sitting on 2800 gems that I just can’t bring myself to waste on 10 x 3 star heroes or 14 x 3 star duplicate troops.

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