Black Friday Deals

Hey everyone,

What’s your thoughts on the Black Friday deals, I’m tempted by the £7.99 one, got to be honest.

Bought em all. Good deal in my opinion. But wth do i know lol


The one with Telescope is very nice, the rest… depends if you simply need gems. 4* maths are very unique, their price is normally much higher and thats what makes the most expensive offer so good

Black friday offer… once in a year deal… and gems cost more than in monthly event offer… nope


I dont know if my country has a bug on Black Friday deals, but it must be something wrong.
I will write the prices in my currency but it doenst matter, you will get the point.
In the store, at normal prices, 1800 gems are 100 lei (around 21-22 eur).
In the BF offer, for 75 lei (around 16-17 eur) you get 1500 gems, 100 coins (350 gems) and a telescope. So, for 4 eur less, we get the same number of gems and a telescope.
I wonder where the hell is that 400% discount here?

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Hardly a Black Friday deal. The Atlantis offer is better value…


Actually, a lot of stores stealthily mark up prices ahead of black friday, so black friday “deals” are not always the bargain they appear to be. At least here we are all familiar with the regular gem prices :wink:


Hi Admin,

I m just curious, from last month, seasonal summon till Atlantis summon, I have spent more than 7000 gems to summon hero, but I got 0 hero *5, most of summon heroes were *3, then can you tell me, how to move on to play this game?

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This is the first month I didn’t buy the Atlantis deal and it feels quite good. Black Friday deal is even more crap to me. The chances for any useful 5* is too low. Unfortunately I didn’t noticed until now. Stop spending and move along mate. There are many other fun games :slight_smile:

For a ‘once in a year’ deal like BF the offer is ridiculous. As many above said Atlantis offer has better value. Expected better deal on BF to be honest.


I went for the 7.99 one and pulled 10 Atlantis heroes, I got three 4 stars and seven 3 stars.

I only needed 6 Atlantis tokens to do one more so played a couple of levels and got to 100 tokens. Did a pull and this came up!!!


My budget is gone for the month and I’m not going to spend anymore. I did 4 30x pull, and this is best I got all the rest were dupes…

2x Grimm
2x Wilbur
1x Kadilen (almost useless 5* from what I’ve read)
1x Triton
3x Agwe

And like 30 other duplicate 4* that will eventually become feeders I’m guessing

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I’ve got Kadilen, it is a crap five star!!

You’ve done well with 2 x Wilburs though

I’ve read Wilbur can really help with titan scores? How is he in raids? I was really hoping for the new 5* obviously but I would have been happy to get even just a single Wu Kong, out of the 30-35 4* I got he wasn’t among them and I still don’t have 1 after 9 months of playing the game :frowning:

I use Wilbur when I stack reds. It is very handy to fire him off right before a big hitter fires. I will say I have fired him out of desperation in raids I was losing and won.

You might want to vote for my “trade two hero for one random similar hero” feature request at:

At least it’s more realistic than enabling trading between two heroes.

Bought one item of the cheapest offer and it got me Zim, so not complaining.

Yes! I was very confused by the math there - the Atlantis offer gets you more, and you pay less than the Black Friday???

I wouldn’t say so. She is not the best one but not a crap for sure.


Black Friday? This offer is just another sale opportunity in the name of ‘Black Friday’.

Atlantis offer gives you 400 gems and 25 Atlantis coin for 1.99. If you buy 2 times it’s 800gems and 50coins for 2.98. But the offer is 700 gems 25atlantis coin and a silver summon token for nearly double?? Just sick! Sometimes it is so obvious that SG wants to make the bag full… Make a really good offer or don’t make it at all!!!

I see many long term players they have full unascended 5* heroes waiting on the roaster and most of them will wait there for more then 2 years (if you have same color 3x 5* that’s nearly the time that you get all of them ascended). Farsight telescope over 10 dollar and only for 1… Man this is really crazy and sick!

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