No CyberMonday Deals?

I was hoping for some type of deal this Monday :frowning:

Desperately needing Damascus Blades!

There’s still time to pop up a hot deal :slight_smile:

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Actually, I didn’'t think about it, but you are right–this is surprising with all the other deals that pop-up.

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They had a black friday deal.

And Christmas event is coming up anyways

Yet players still have dollar, Euros and Pesos to spend. What’s up SG!? You’re missing your chance :grin:


I just did Xmas shopping for the kids, I haz no $$$ :tired_face:



What’s a guy gotta do to get exploited around here?! My wallet has been safely inside my pocket ALL DAY this is a tragedy :laughing:

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Oh my god why not penguin deal or washing mashine offer instead?

Was just posting about this in our alliance line chat and have been complaining all day. Take my money already.

Hahaha, I’m glad most saw the post with a good light. I mean, we had offers for “Book day”, “NFL Kickoff”… but no CyberMonday? Come on… :slight_smile:


I thought the Black Friday deal was kind of a weak offer. I get the whole Winter month event coming soon, but no cyber Monday on this type of game seems odd.

If it’s anything like the ‘black Friday’ offer it’s not worth it anyway.

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