New Micro Transaction -- Daily Gem Deal (100 gems for $0.99 USD) -- Thoughts & Discussion

100 gems for .99, collect 10 for bonus tokens.

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How do we feel about the new offer? There are several better limited-time deals for gems, but seems like a good option if you need a few more gems to complete a 10 or 30x pull and there aren’t any offers available.

The bonus chest is nice, but I wouldn’t buy 10x exclusively for it.


Hi @Aabbott21 et al,

IMHO only: I don’t normally purchase from the gem shop (preferring the better limited offers that @Rasputim mentioned), but looking at the Daily Gem Deal FWIW, a player will get 1000 gems for $9.99 (100 x 10 days/.99 cents per daily purchase) and this is better than the existing gem store offers.
For example, the current $9.99 offer = 850 gems, whereas this Daily Gem Deal = 1000 gems (10 x .99 cents) plus a player also gets 5 x tokens.
(Please feel free check my math, lol :joy:)
Again, just my thoughts based on what is currently in the gem shop when compared to this new feature.

I hope this helps (caveat: I’m not endorsing or promoting the gem shop and I’m also assuming players understand responsible spending habits, etc.)


Kerrang :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is actually incorrect once you value in additional taxes on each purchase which will increase the cost and overall purchasing value of the 1000 gems.

In UK the price is £0.99.

IMHO it’s probably the best of the gem offers in the shop but that’s not really saying much. The event offers seem to offer better Value For Money, some more so than others.

If you want extra gems daily then perhaps consider the 30 day VIP pass which gives gems, extra free daily summons, loot tickets and a 2nd builder. 4.99 GBP so probably 4.99 USD and 4.99 EUR.

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I think that the guaranteed items are not worth. Maybe emblems with limited purchases or ascension mats, but not tokens… Tokens are a bit useless , though you can still hoard them for seasonal events.

The good thing is that you can fill your gems if you need only a few for a ten pull, i think its cheaper than purchasing the 400 gems shop offer.

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I always save Epic Hero Tokens for seasonal events.

@Aabbott21, not sure what you mean, but I used a sales tax calculator for the example and got the below:

For the “Daily Gem Purchase“ (10 day period)
Before Tax Price: $0.99 each day
Sale Tax: 7.00% or $0.07
After Tax Price: $1.06 each day
After Tax Price (for 10 daily purchases) = $10.60

For the “Bag of Gems” purchase (one time period)
Before Tax Price: $9.99 one time
Sale Tax: 7.00% or $0.70
After Tax Price (for one time purchase): $10.69

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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A new way to steal money.
For me just another “Deal” to skip.

At least not bad as the baloon scam.

I’m really curious how many people is behind offers research team and how many on game developement.

Because it feels like the first team has more people working on it (and more budget).

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