Guardian Gazelle and Freya boosting minions

Hi all,

Just been running a farming team including Gazelle, Freya (6/8 special) and Telluria and it got me wondering… firstly, I assume Gazelle’s 100% attack boost applies to minions in general… but secondly, what would the total boost be when there is a Freya raven minion too? 220% (or 200% in my 6/8 special’s case)?

I’ve found it difficult to discern with all the minion machine guns going off and fairly widely-varying floating numbers everywhere. The numbers didn’t seem to change drastically though when dancing, so maybe the dancing disables Freya’s raven buff…?

TIA for any insights (or tips for how to test it myself, sorry brain is struggling!)

I believe interaction cant work since Gazelle blocks all other buffs

I’m pretty sure that buffs (like Gazele/BT or anty another atk buffer) don’t applies to minions

They only get stats from basic(not buffed) minion maker

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Yeah I’m thinking it probably works that way, but if so it would be nice if the minion attack was still boosted by 100% via dancing (i.e. the minion is attached to a dancing hero, therefore is also dancing lol.)

Yep, so the only possible way a minion can be boosted is via something like a Freya raven minion… so the question is, if minion can’t be affected by Gazelle’s dancing buff, then surely Freya’s raven minion attack boost also can’t be affected by dancing? Given it seems Freya’s raven minion attack boost isn’t technically a buff, it’s more like an innate ability of the raven.

Lol not that it makes a big difference, as we’re just talking minion damage! Just a curiosity.

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As far as i know

Gazelle shouldnt effect the freya’s minions buffing other minions

As far as i know

I dont have gazelle so no way of testing it myself

Qoh and gazelle would be the easiest test i believe since qoh taunt comes from her minion


This isn’t accurate, sadly the only way to boost minion damage with attack up is Freya herself, other attack up heroes have no effect on minions (unless it’s a crit hero). Freya does still work to give your minions additional attack with gazelle active however.

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