Frosth and freya: good combination?

Hi everyone!

Just got Frosth, and i think he pairs very well with bera. But i have a doubt about him and freya: do their minions attack buffs stack together? Thanks for the answer, if you have it

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This is one I’m curious to know about too. Got both this month and quickly leveled Freya. Now I’m wondering if Frosth is worth it as well.

I believe they do stack. But a very quick test on a map stage with frosth on 1/1 will prove it one way or the other

Have tested them together.
Freya +18 and Frosth 2/29.

Here is Freya’s original minion:

Freya’s minion after Frosth fired once:

And after Frosth fired the 2nd time:



That last Freya minion has better HP than an unemblemed maxed Muggy


Thanks for the helpful posts, but the OP’s question is not answered:

I’m curious as well, but have not tested yet. However, I guess that the attack buffs do not stack but overwrite each other. Maybe it would be a good idea to show buffs on minions as well in the description? :thinking:
Maybe someone already has tested to verify?

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